Free Books for Families of Children with Cancer


We are proud to offer quality materials for children and families who are dealing with childhood cancer. In addition to books published by ACCO, we offer Childhood Cancer Guides publications, and other free books.

Also, please be sure to check out ACCO's other free materials, the Paul and the Dragon DVD and our mascot, "Cozy the Port-a-Cat."


ACCO Publications and Materials

The books in this section are published by American Childhood Cancer Organization. We will provide a copy of the ten books listed below, the DVD Paul and the Dragon, and  The Cozy Cares Journal, and "Cozy the Port-a-Cat" at no cost to families of children with cancer.


Other interested parties can purchase copies through the web store.



ACCO Treatment Kit

The ACCO Treatment Kit is a combination of resources to assist newly diagnosed children with cancer and children undergoing treatment for cancer and their families. The kit includes:

  • a large collapsible duffle bag
  • a 5.5' X 4' Fleece blanket
  • a pillow case featuring ACCO's mascot Cozy
  • a pack of PJammin Playing Cards

ONE kit is available per child currently receiving cancer treatment.


Along the Way, Documenting My Child's Cancer Journey

by Ruth I. Hoffman, MPH 

A parental resource that provides a way to document medical treatments, hospital contact information, treatment expenditures, and local resources. This logbook also contains information about clinical trials, treatment procedures, blood counts, side effects, a journal section, and a place to take notes.



Dance in the Rain

Written by Ruth I. Hoffman, MPH

Illustrated by Trevor Romain

A Teen Journal that allows adolescents a place to write out their thoughts and feelings throughout their cancer journey. Includes a wooden pen and pencil set.





Cozy Cares Journal

Written by Ruth I. Hoffman, MPH

Illustrated by Trevor Romain

A fun keepsake that provides a way for the child to document his or her cancer journey. While it is a helpful tool for the child undergoing treatment, this journal is also a cherished treasure for family and friends, who can read it and experience the cancer journey through the thoughts and words of a child. 


Chemo, Craziness, and Comfort, My book about childhood cancer

by Nancy Keene and Trevor Romain

A 200 page resource that provides practical advice for children diagnosed with cancer between 6 and 12 years of age. Warm and funny illustrations and easy-to-read text help the child (and parents) make sense of cancer and its treatment.






Educating the Child with Cancer: A Guide for Parents and Teachers, 2nd Edition

edited by Ruth I. Hoffman, MPH

An essential resource for families who have faced the childhood cancer diagnosis. Written by top researchers in the field, and balanced with parents' personal experiences, this 334 page resource focuses on educational issues for children treated for cancer. It is intended to promote understanding and communication between parents, educators and medical professionals so that together they can provide an appropriate education for children who have been treated for cancer which in turn will lead to a productive and rewarding life.

          Note: One free copy available to families of children with cancer, and one free copy for the child's teacher. 



Understanding the Journey, A Parent's Guide to DIPG

Edited by Ruth I. Hoffman, MPH

a 368 page comprehensive resource that guides the family whose child has been diagnosed with a diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma through this difficult diagnosis. Chapters are written by pediatric neuro-oncology experts and cover all aspects of treating a child with a DIPG including: diagnosis, imaging, pontine function and anatomy, steroid treatment, radiation therapy, radiosensitizers, surgery, chemotherapy and biologics. Helpful chapters on loss of communication and caring for the child at home provide practical advice. Research chapters focused on animal models of DIPG, stem cell research, vaccine research, convection enhanced delivery and genomic research provide hope for a brighter future. The final chapters on organ and tissue donation as well as integrating palliative care answer the questions that families ask at their child's end of life. The book includes 164 parent stories that provide personal insight to the DIPG journey.


A Parent's Guide to Clinical Trials

by Adam Cohen MS, MD & Howard Colman MD, PhD

Is a concise reference guide which explains what clincal trials are. It defines in easy to understand langauage, a clincal trial's process and structure.


(A new edition is being written, unavailable at this time)

The Amazing Hannah, Look at Everything I Can Do!


by Amy Klett and Dave Klett

This 28 page picture book is written for the preschool (1 to 5 years) child who has been diagnosed with cancer. Through real-life photos, children will be able to identify with Hannah's hospital stay, special friends, tests, treatment and germ care.


La Fantastica Hannah: Miren todo lo que puedo hacer!

by Amy Klett and Dave Klett

For Spanish-speaking children diagnosed with cancer between one and five years of age. This 28 page picture book is written for the preschool (1 to 5 years) child who has been diagnosed with cancer. Through real-life photos, children will be able to identify with Hannah's hospital stay, special friends, tests, treatment and germ care.


Oliver's Story

For 'Sibs' of Kids with Cancer,  Oliver's Story is a 40 page illustrated book targeted for the 3 to 8 year old sibling of children diagnosed with cancer. Illustrated by Mike Dodd and written through the eyes of his six-year-old son Oliver, this resource focuses on the many questions that siblings have when their brother or sister is diagnosed with cancer, and offers constructive ways on how they can provide support. ACCO extends their heartfelt appreciation to the Davenport Family Foundation and Computer Associates for funding to make this publication possible.


La Historia de Oliver

Para los hermanos de niños con cancer, Oliver's Story in Spanish.


Lift ME Up

by Trevor Romain

This 22 page coloring book is filled with inspirational pictures to color for the 3-10 year old child diagnosed with cancer.


You Are Not Alone

by Mark Chesler, Ph.D. and Sara Eldridge, M.S.W., M.P.H.


Additional Free Books offered to Families Through American Childhood Cancer Organization


"Faces of Hope: Stories of Inspiration and Strength during the Journey through Childhood Cancer," is the moving story of 51 childhood cancer patients. Treated at Dana Farber/Children s Hospital Cancer Care, the book chronicles their heroic journey through cancer treatment and celebrates the foundation for their hope. 

As a result of a generous donation of 4,000 copies from Dana Farber/Children s Hospital Cancer Care, Candlelighters is pleased to offer these books to families of children with cancer without charge.  



"Helping to Heal" 

With topics such as healthy food choiches and homemade cleaning supplies, this resource provides advice for safe, affordable household practices for families. Provided free to families by the Helping to Heal Foundation.