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The Miracle of Madison – MD

Madison Summer Lynn Corcoran-Narup was born on August 20th, 2009. She madisonfriendlyswas the only child born to her mother and her father. Madison’s Mom had endured 4 miscarriages before having Madison so she was the light of her life. Madison was a very vibrant, happy, loving child. She truly had nothing but a positive nature. She loved chocolate milk, The Chipmunks, The Little Mermaid (pretty much any princess though), “Single Ladies”, Taylor Swift, Dunkin Donuts Munchkins and her family! She and her Mommy were inseparable! She would always say, “I love puppies and babies, don’t I, Mommy?”

madisonsantaIn January 2013, she got an ear infection that just wouldn’t go away even after 3 round of antibiotics. Her blood levels were checked and her parents were told they were normal. Two weeks later she became very confused and almost unresponsive at her fathers house. Mommy immediately met them at Upper Chesapeake Hospital where an MRI was done and it was discovered Madison had Leukemia and several tumors. She was immediately flown to the PICU at The University of Maryland Hospital. She became unresponsive that night. The tumors on her brain and chest quadrupled in size within hours and her white blood count was 900,000. Her brain herniated trying to fight back and it cut off the blood and oxygen at the brain stem. Three days later we had to let her go.

madisondonutsAs her Mommy, I live everyday for this beautiful little girl and now her little sister as well. There isn’t a moment that goes by that she isn’t on my heart and mind- just like anyone’s child here on Earth. It has been almost 3 years now since Madison went to Heaven to wait for us but we will continue to spread awareness for Childhood Cancer, Leukemia and tell the world all about Madison! 498My goal in working with ACCO is to help families that are in the position we were in. To help them with their expenses in the hospital, to bring things to help children that are receiving treatments to make their day a little bit brighter, to help the nurses caring for these children. I want families and their children to have a little something positive and bright in this difficult and terrible journey of childhood cancer and I want them to know it is in honor of Madison.