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Comfort Kit

Comfot Kit 1 LRWhen a child or teenager is diagnosed with cancer, their world is turned completely upside down. Their soothing home environment is abruptly replaced with the cold, sterile atmosphere of the hospital. They are forced to endure an endless barrage of tests and treatments while their sleep-deprived brains try to process complex medical jargon and treatment information from multiple medical specialists.

The ACCO “Comfort Kit” is a free resource designed to ease the transition for newly-diagnosed children and teens with cancer by helping them acclimate to their new surroundings and adapt to significant (and potentially traumatic) lifestyle changes.

The Comfort Kit can also serve as a reassuringly familiar touchstone for children undergoing cancer treatment and their family members, giving them a sense of security and hope despite their challenging circumstances.

The Comfort Kit includes:

  • A large collapsible duffle bag
  • A warm, soft blanket
  • A pillow case featuring ACCO’s mascot Cozy
  • A pack of Cozy Playing Cards


ONE kit is available per child currently receiving cancer treatment.