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Jennifer’s Survivor Story

The story detailed below is an account written by Jennifer, a leukemia survivor and childhood cancer advocate. Jennifer's Survivor Story

I was diagnosed with leukemia in August of 1999 after having joint pain. Cancer is a journey that quickly became a norm. I had a quick remission but suffered from survivor’s guilt. I did not ring a bell but went into remission a few months into treatment.

I became involved with ACS through RFL and it opened me up to many other experiences. It helped me create a community and support system which was larger than I could have ever dreamed.

After not knowing if I could even have children after enduring chemotherapy so young, I now have two miracle children who proudly walk the track with me at every relay every year. My biggest goal was to always do things that matter. Living with survivors guilt, you want to feel like you are here for a reason. Being able to give back to the cancer community through involvement in ACS helps me to achieve that goal.

What is one piece of advice you give someone on treatment or newly diagnosed?
Visualization works, see yourself as a survivor from the second you are diagnosed. Seconds turn to minutes, and so on, be proud of every moment you make it through. You are strong, and every victory is a cause for celebration.

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