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Steven’s Isolation Story


I wanted to share a poem by Steven, the seriousness of COVID 19 as seen in his eyes. Steven was diagnosed with leukemia on his 10th birthday in 2017.

He is currently in the maintnance phase of chemo treatment. Steven has been through a lot and has taken his experience to be a voice, an advocate for childhood cancer. Steven is 12 years old now, and has the desire to continue to bring awareness to childhood cancer and the resources needed to help families battling cancer. He knows the hazards and risks that exist with being around people who may be sick. Being confined and isolated from others is nothing new to him. However with the COVID 19 and uncertainty of what it can do to immune compromised children, he has a strong message to the world, to stay home, to stay safe, and save a life. Steven has gone into respiratory distress and failure two years ago almost to be exact. He doesn’t want that to happen again, not to him or anyone. Steven Hope’s sharing his poem will bring awareness. I’m such a proud mother. He turns his negatives into positives and tries to be proactive about things as much as he can. He is small and young but mighty. I hope you enjoy his poem.

-Steven’s mom

My life, well it’s nothing new. Wearing masks, staying indoors is now new for you.
Don’t worry cuz nothing lasts forever (only love). We will remember how we got through this together.
Cherish each day even when it sucks because we are breathing our hearts are beating and we really don’t need much.
Stay inside for you, for me. For us who aren’t strong enough to fight. Our bodies are tired and weak, but we still fight with all our might. Protect the ones you love, keep our abuelitas and abuelitos safe, we have so much to learn from each other, we’re not finished with this race.
Together we are stronger we see it ever day. Incredible how easy it is to save a life and how easy it is to take one away.