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18 Loop + ACCO

ACCO is collaborating with 18Loop, distributing virtual reality headsets to children with cancer who are on active treatment: a pilot program designed to help them tolerate treatment, recover, and thrive.

In existing studies, VR has reduced cognitive pain by 44%, emotional pain by 32%, and sensory pain by 27%. In some tests it has outperformed morphine. Notably, the advantages of VR do not wane over repeated use, indicating persistent benefits beyond the first experience.

Is your child on active treatment?

Click here if you would like to be a part of this program. PLEASE NOTE: ACCO is working with 18 Loop to get more headsets. The specifications from the collaboration ask that the child is between the ages of 10-25. At this time, we are on a waiting list to receive more headsets within the next few months. By submitting this form, you are adding your child to the wait list.  


Virtual Comfort Program

18Loop Executive Director Greg Tarnacki has said that “collaborating with the ACCO, getting access to their wonderful kids with cancer and making a family impact has been the most rewarding part of working on this study. We are expecting to accomplish great things together in the future, with an eye on affecting survival rates in a world where VR is a universal intervention.”

Currently, 18Loop is in the Pilot phase of the Virtual Comfort program. To date, more than 40 mobile VR headsets have been deployed to kids with cancer. The next phase, coming in 2021, will focus on advanced Oculus headsets running environments from Tripp. Tripp facilitated VR headset donations and is a leader in Virtual Stress Management and offers capabilities that bridge gaming and medicine on Oculus.

Blair L. Scroggs, Public Relations Coordinator for the ACCO, stated: “Since 2020, The American Childhood Cancer Organization worked with 18Loop to circulate headsets to kids with cancer. This collaboration has been invaluable to kids participating in the program, and we have seen improvements in their mood. Some participants have family members that also benefit from the environment, making this program beneficial to the whole family.”

Under the program, ACCO works collaboratively with 18Loop and the kids directly to gather and measure feedback to get quantitative data in a controlled environment. Interested in looking at early results of our study? Click here.

18Loop + ACCO Press Center:

For more information, or to be considered for this opportunity, please email Blair Scroggs, our Public Relations Coordinator at

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