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Lily’s Survivor Story

The story detailed below is an account written by Lily’s mother, Nicole. Lily is a survivor who will be starting kindergarten this fall! She enjoys celebrating every milestone because life is a gift.Lily's Survivor Story

As a baby Lilly was often sick with respiratory distress and what was misdiagnosed as asthma or a virus. She has a chest x-ray which deterred a large mass occupying 3/4 of her chest. We were rushed to Children’s and her journey to beat cancer started. On March 21, 2016, Lily was diagnosed with neuroblastoma and a secondary angiosarcoma with Pten genetic tumor mutation syndrome.

Treatment consisted of chemotherapy, transfusions and tumor resections. After one year of stable scans, the tumor showed signs of growing. Her lungs collapsed after resection surgery and was diagnosed with a secondary cancer. She has been a survivor since the age of one with stable scans and successful surgeries.

ACCO was able to provide online support to us during Lily’s cancer journey.

In the fall, Lily will start kindergarten and take dance and gymnastic classes.

What is one piece of advice you give someone on treatment or newly diagnosed?
Do not google, keep a journal, take help when offered, stay strong for your child they need you to be their rock.


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