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National Pajama Day

Host an Out of this World PJammin® Fundraising Event!

Explore the infinite space of giving on National Pajama Day! National Pajama day is April 16, but you can support kids with cancer all through the month!

Get cozy, have a blast, raise funds for kids with cancer and make an impact!

Why Pajamas? Pajamas are the battle uniform for children with cancer and too often that is a battle fought isolated in hospital rooms or staying home for months or years at a time. This spring, dare to wear pajamas, everywhere!


Out of this World PJammin® Fundraising Party Ideas:

1. Rocketship Photobooth: Create an awesome photo op simply with some cardboard, markers, and construction paper! Generate buzz at your PJammin® party and take some incredibly memorable photos.

2. Tin Foil Hats: Get creative with endless possibilities! This is such an easy way to create amazing alien themed props – as simple or intricate as you’d like. (and will look amazing in photos!)

3. Color Changing Lemonade: Follow this quick recipe and get ready to see the magic of science at work – this color changing lemonade is definitely an out of this world experience for everyone!

4. Planet trivia: Challenge your space knowledge or learn something new. Whoever gets the most questions right must donate $5 to support kids with cancer! Need more difficult questions? Try these!

5. Moonwalk Challenge: Put on ACCO’s OUT OF THIS WORLD playlist and have your players line up. When the music starts, everyone must moonwalk (or try to!) from one end of the playing field to the other and back. The last player to finish is eliminated, and the game continues until one player is left. All eliminated players must donate $2!

pj day shirts

Get your PJammin® Shirts!

Available in a variety of styles and colors, these shirts will amp up any PJammin® event! Even better, the funds raised from these shirt sales will go towards ACCO’s mission, supporting kids and advocating for research funding. Click the button below to check out the styles!

NOTE: Order early: shirts may not arrive in time for National Pajama Day!


Get Social!

We’re PJammin® with @americanchildhoodcancer for National Pajama Day. You can BLAST OFF with us by joining the “Out of this World” PJammin® event! Sign up here:


We’re PJammin® with @accorg for National Pajama Day. You can join the “Out of this World PJammin®” event with me by signing up here:


Cozy’s PJs Need Decorating!

ACCO’s mascot is busy planning an extra special space-themed party and forgot to put on the right pjs! Can you create an out of this world design for Cozy? Click the image below to download a blank version!