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Raise Childhood Cancer Awareness

Spread Gold Ribbon Awareness Through Corporate Partnerships

Help the American Childhood Cancer Organization raise awareness through “Go Gold® Corporate Partnerships.” The American Childhood Cancer Organization is proud to be the founding organization of the Gold Ribbon symbol. So far, the Jel Sert company has partnered with ACCO to produce the first Gold Ribbon product, with 10 million of their packages cobranded with ACCO’s logo and the Gold Ribbon. In addition, this partnership has resulted in the donation of at least 100 ice pop freezers and unlimited supplies of ice pops to childhood cancer treatment centers across the country. Without a doubt, by placing the Gold Ribbon on more products, we can increase public knowledge about the Gold Ribbon and what it symbolizes. We can help families and children feel that more awareness and support exist for the battle they are waging with this disease.

What You Can Do:

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As you will see in the video below, we are in dire need of increased gold ribbon awareness. Other cause marketing campaigns, such as pink ribbon cause marketing campaigns, have proven very successful for their causes. Isn’t it about time that children are given the voice they deserve?

Share Your Story; Upload Pictures and Videos

Your tesitmonial can help shed light on the issues faced by children and families. The compiled videos, images, and stories will help the American Childhood Cancer Organization produce a documentary showing the impact of childhood cancer on the lives of kids and familes. Through pictures or video, address one or more of the following areas and complete the form to the right.

  • What does the Gold Ribbon mean to you?
  • Show a day in the life of your child/ family.
  • If you are bereaved, what do you think your child would be doing today if he or she had not battled cancer?
  • For survivors, what would you be doing today if you had not been affected by cancer; what are you doing today because you had cancer?

Host Events In Your Community

Increasing awareness is the first step to raising more advocacy and support for childhood cancer programs and research. Sadly, too few people know how dire the situation is for these children and their families. It is important for advocates, parents, caregivers, healthcare providers, and survivors to make their voices heard. Nothing holds more conviction than a parent’s voice or inspires more hope than a survivor’s story. No one knows your community better than you do, so start locally to create a dedicated, supportive environment for children and adolescents with cancer, childhood cancer survivors, and their families.

  • Educate others. We have created a Childhood Cancer Presentation called “Unsung Heroes” to help you explain Childhood Cancer issues to members of your community.
  • Host a Go Gold® event.
    “Go Gold®” is an ACCO awareness/ fundraising program designed to raise awareness of the Gold Ribbon, the international symbol for Childhood Cancer.
    Go Gold®
  • Host a “PJ” Day.
    “PJammin® for Kids with Cancer” is an ACCO awareness/ fundraising program designed to help schools and businesses raise awareness and support for our nation’s youngest cancer patients.
    PJammin® for Kids with Cancer

…because kids can’t fight cancer alone!

Host Events On Campus

Students can help too! Whether you’re at an elementary school or a university, students on campuses of all sizes can get creative and raise awareness too! From bake sales to awareness walks, the possibilities are endless. The PJammin® and Go Gold®websites also have ideas for student-run awareness/ fundraising activities.

Best of all, ACCO is happy to provide consultation for event organizers. Feel free to contact Ruth Hoffman, Executive Director, at

…because kids can’t fight cancer alone!