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ACCO Registered Trademarks

The American Childhood Cancer Organization® (ACCO) is the largest national grassroots organization supporting families facing childhood cancer, and is also the oldest. In 1970, the ACCO, previously known as the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation® (CCCF), established itself as a 501(c) (4) and was the first childhood cancer advocacy group in the nation, working with Congress and the NIH to advance government funded childhood cancer research. You can learn more about the ACCO’s history by visiting our Timeline Page.

Nearly 20 years ago, in 1997, the color gold and the gold ribbon awareness symbol were selected by then CCCF board member Gigi Thorsen and a group of parents, including ACCO’s current Executive Director, Ruth Hoffman. To spread awareness of this newly chosen symbol, the Candlelighters National office produced the first ever gold ribbon product—a gold ribbon lapel pin. Thanks to this committed group of parents, the Candlelighters (ACCO) Board of Directors in 1997 and Candlelighters’ Founding membership and role on the Board of Trustees in what is now Childhood Cancer International, the Gold Ribbon symbol spread around the globe to become the internationally recognized symbol for childhood cancer. ACCO continued its core mission to raise awareness of the Gold Ribbon and everything it represents including the announcement of ACCO’s signature event program in March 2011 called, “GO GOLD.” Click the links to learn more about the Gold Ribbon History and Go Gold® programs.

Given this longstanding history, the ACCO knows how important it is to protect brand taglines and logos (word and design marks). Similar to other childhood cancer organizations within the U.S. and around the world that have trademarked their name, logo and brand, ACCO’s goal is to clearly communicate ACCO’s signature programs and services to the community; and to prevent the misuse and/or dilution of such items outside of the childhood cancer community and even within, when these items are used for profit and/or to “guide” consumers to any type of for-profit businesses. All proceeds (profits) from any programs and/or merchandise produced with the registered trademarks through the ACCO goes back into providing ACCO’s free programs/services to children with cancer and their families.

Registered Trademarks of the American Childhood Cancer Organization

  • American Childhood Cancer Organization®
  • ACCO with mother/child logo/design mark®
  • Mother/child logo design mark®
  • Go Gold®
  • Go Gold for Kids with Cancer®
  • Because Kids Can’t Fight Cancer Alone®
  • PJammin for Kids with Cancer®
  • PJammin®
  • Paint the Town Gold®
  • Candlelighters®
  • Candlelighters candle/ribbon logo/design mark®
  • Hero Beads®
  • Pedi-CURE design mark®
  • Awareness Tree design mark®

Contact Us for Use

ACCO understands the importance of collaborating with other organizations, individuals or businesses to spread awareness of childhood cancer and using these marks can help further the mission and cause, if used properly. By protecting the registered marks, ACCO maintains the legitimacy of these marks through our longstanding reputation and ongoing commitment to helping children with cancer and families.

If you, your organization or business are interested in collaborating with the ACCO with use of any of our organization’s brand registered trademarks, please contact Erin Lawson and ask for a copy of our Mark Use Agreement:

Requirements for use: To use a protected mark, ACCO requires a completed and agreed upon Mark Use Agreement. For all uses, including websites, social media platforms, blogs, advertisements, white pages, articles, graphics, and any other public use, ACCO requires that a line of text including a link back to this “ACCO trademarks” page be added to your project, i.e., “GO GOLD® is the Registered Trademark of the American Childhood Cancer Organization​ ​and used under agreement. Visit to learn more.” Agreements are based upon a maximum 12 month term and are renewable each year thereafter, with ongoing and regular audits to assure uses are within the agreed upon terms.

Thank You

Thank you for your inquiry for use and for helping ACCO to protect the use of these important brands within the childhood cancer community. All proceeds from ACCO’s use support ongoing revenue to provide free resources, programs and services to empower and assist children, teens and families that are facing childhood cancer.