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Devin’s Isolation Story

Devin's Story

While back in the hospital from an infection during my sons treatment, we were isolated and my sweet boy was so bored and uncomfortable.  He was always so resilient though! He kept his strength by playing and his sense of humor with tricks! He would tie a dollar to a string and throw it out in the hall. For when someone would go to pick it up he would pull it back and laugh and giggle and they would laugh, he loved making someone smile! His favorite was talking me into super gluing quarters to the sidewalk down stairs outside his hospital room window lol so he could watch someone try to pick them up and wonder how they were stuck he would giggle and laugh when they looked around confused and then laughing themselves. It sucked being isolated but we made the most of it and now 13 years later I’m so proud of Devin in a different time of isolation he still pushes through with his bravery, cancer free and making people smile!!

-Amy B.

Devin’s Mom