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When you lose a loved one to cancer, the grief is always powerful and life-changing, but studies have shown that parents who lose children grieve differently and longer than anyone else. Doctor Chris Feudtner, Chief of General Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, discusses this unique grief and how to navigate it. The recorded seminar is available online now.

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In 2021, ACCO obtained 45 State Proclamations. Our goal is to get all 50 states. Childhood cancer remains the number one cause of death by disease for children in the U.S. and around the world. In just a few months, we will honor all of these brave individuals as we raise awareness during September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Together with many committed advocates and grassroots organizations, we humbly ask for your help contacting the governor’s office in your state. ACCO, as a national organization, has contacted your state and they are looking forward to issuing the proclamation. However, many times the request has to come from a resident.

ACCO’s annual September Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Shirt campaign starts May 1 and runs through September! Personalize not one but TWO in ’22! Whether it’s the “team” shirt or the “fight” shirt, you’ll be supporting the nation’s littlest cancer patients. Please note that shirts ordered AFTER JULY 31 may not arrive in time to wear in September.

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Lace up your sneakers and run (or walk) for good! ACCO’s first annual GO GOLD® the RUN officially kicks off April 1st and runs through September 30th! Run one of our charity races… or run them all… to raise funds for kids with cancer. The funds you raise will bring direct support and hope to our nation’s littlest cancer patients and their families.

There are so many ways to celebrate Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! You could host a fundraiser and awareness event, designed by you and supported by ACCO. You could share informative graphics on social media, spreading the word and educating the public. You could participate in our virtual marathon, GO GOLD® the RUN. You could shop from vendors who are donating a portion of proceeds to ACCO. You could get involved in our grassroots advocacy training sessions. Visit our September page to see all the ways you can support kids this September!

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Every child with cancer has a unique and powerful story to tell. When shared with elected officials, these stories are our most powerful weapon in the fight against childhood cancer. YOU can join the movement towards meaningful change by engaging policymakers at the local, state, and federal levels. Please show your support by writing your representatives on issues that matter including Governor’s proclamations endorsing September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, increased NIH/NCI appropriations, full funding for the STAR Act and the Childhood Cancer Data Initiative, and other childhood cancer advocacy initiatives.

For the past 50 years, the American Childhood Cancer Organization has supported families through the most difficult time in their lives. With the uncertainty that COVID-19 brings to all families across the country, ACCO remains committed to our mission. We are dedicated to making childhood cancer a national health priority through shaping policy, supporting research, raising awareness, and providing educational resources and innovative programs to children with cancer, survivors, and their families. Kids still get cancer, they still need cures and we will continue to provide support … because kids can’t fight cancer alone®!

ACCO is continuing to provide programs while working to help children and families while in quarantine. By clicking this link, you will find activity and coloring sheets, stories of isolation (and how to get through it) and learn more about “Sew to Save Lives.” … because we’re all in this together!

COVID-19 Response

Because Kids Can't Fight Cancer Alone...

Annika was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at just 10 weeks of age and has been fighting cancer for more than 6 years. Childhood cancer can make children and families feel like they are all alone, especially when low immunity means isolation to stay safe from life-threatening germs and viruses. Learn more about Annika and how the ACCO + Amazon is making a difference to ensure no child fights cancer alone.

Help support kids like Annika by raising awareness through signature programs like PJammin. Pajamas are the battle uniform for children with cancer. Too often it is a lonely battle fought isolated in hospital rooms or confined to staying at home for months – even years at a time. Help us let them know they are not alone.

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Welcome to ACCO Fighting for Nearly 50 Years for Childhood Cancer

Our mission

We are a community of families, survivors, and friends who have been affected by childhood and adolescent cancer. We offer our community support, information, advocacy. We are their voice.

Changing the Outcome

Childhood cancer is the #1 disease-related cause of death for children in the United States and many other countries. For those who survive, two-thirds will also endure chronic health conditions from the toxic side effects of cancer treatment, including secondary cancers and other life-threatening illnesses.


Host a Pjammin® for Kids with Cancer Event at Your School, Business or Anywhere!

Corporate Event

Hosting a Signature Corporate Event is a Great Team Building Activity for a Great Cause!

Go Gold®

It's Easy for Your Group, Class, Team, Club, Choir, or Anyone to Host a Go Gold® Event!

Corporate Supporters


Through a new collaboration, the American Childhood Cancer Organization and Amazon are celebrating children diagnosed with cancer who demonstrate an interest in STEM. During September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, ACCO and Amazon will deliver smiles to 30 children in 30 days, one for every day of the month, through exciting STEM-related immersion experiences across the country. On behalf of each child, Amazon will also make donations to pediatric oncology programs across America committed to saving their lives.


Since 2008, ACCO’s partner Jel Sert has played a vital role bringing happiness to children with cancer, while simultaneously promoting our Gold Ribbon Awareness Program. Knowing the relief and joy an icy treat can bring, especially for children in treatment, Jel Sert generously provides pediatric cancer hospitals with a continuous supply of Fla-Vor-Ice freezer pops in a freezer decorated with the Gold Ribbon.


The American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) would like to thank our partner – Microsoft Corporation – for hosting an incredible PJammin® for Kids with Cancer fundraising event!


YouCaring’s Compassionate Crowdfunding™ program helps families facing financial hardship due to childhood cancer to develop and coordinate a personalized online fundraising campaign. YouCaring’s revolutionary crowdfunding techniques are designed to walk you through the fundraising process, with no additional fees, so you can ease your financial burden and focus on what really matters: helping your child beat this terrible disease!

La Roche-Posay

In an effort to raise awareness and help families of children undergoing cancer treatments, La Roche-Posay is proud to partner with the American Childhood Cancer Organization. To help facilitate communication between children undergoing treatment and their loved ones, La Roche-Posay will donate kits with emotive tools designed to help kids express their feelings. In addition, La Roche-Posay will also host a “donations” button on their website for customers to donate directly to ACCO.


PALMCo makes it easy: for every customer that registers with PALMCo and its sister company, Columbia Utilities, PALMco pledges a $1.00 donation every month to support the ACCO’s critical mission to offer resources, information, and support to children and families impacted by cancer. Once you have registered, all you need to do is pay your utility bill every month and you are joining the fight against childhood cancer.

Goorin Bros

Goorin Bros. Hats Company has generously donated a selection of high-quality hats for children and teens fighting childhood cancer. If you would like a hat to brighten the spirits of your warrior, use the discount code 'FREE HAT' when you visit the ACCO store.

The Loft Entertainment Company

The Loft Entertainment is a celebrity marketing and brand acceleration company that is the "go to" company matchmaking celebrities and Influencers to brands specializing in the areas of celebrity marketing, brand acceleration, content creation, and so much more. In September 2018, The Loft + ACCO will challenge their key Influencers in an online campaign to donate #OneGoodDollar to raise awareness and program funding for ACCO.

Matilda Jane

Denise Demarchis, founder of the Matilda Jane Clothing (MJC) line said, "It's all about keeping a little girl... a little girl. Keeping her youthful. Keeping her spinning and twirling and carefree. And most importantly, bringing her happiness." Denise passed away from cancer, but true to her legacy, MJC is now bringing happiness to little girls fighting cancer too. In September 2018, we are proud to unveil a GO GOLD Matilda Jane Platinum dress celebrating the bravery of little girls battling cancer and their desire to still express their girly-ness, even after losing their hair. Designed by two cancer moms, the Bennett dress features gold fabric and gold glitter ribbon - showcasing the gold ribbon as the international symbol of childhood cancer - as well as additional ruffles and pink lace for an extra helping of girly sweetness. Proceeds from purchase of the dress will benefit ACCO. To purchase the dress and to learn more visit


The American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) is grateful for the support from Servier Pharmaceuticals – a U.S. subsidiary of the Servier Group, an international pharmaceutical company that is governed by a non-profit foundation. Servier Pharmaceutical’s drug pipeline includes Oncaspar® (pegaspargase) – a chemotherapy drug that is essential to the successful treatment of pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). ACCO appreciates the support from Servier to aid in the expansion of our Why Not Kids and Founding Hope Programs and provide resources to execute essential programs and services that address the critical needs of children being treated for cancer.


Erimish and the American Childhood Cancer Organization began a partnership in September 2020 with a variety of custom bracelets inspired by the bravest childhood cancer warriors. With custom stacks and singles in adult and youth sizes, there is an option for everyone! Whether you choose to Go Gold® or rock the colorful option, you’ll be able to keep your favorite warrior close to you with each of these beautiful designs! Erimish is generously committed to donating 50% of each bracelet or stack sold to ACCO. To start shopping or learn more, click the button below and look for the “Warrior” designs.

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Signature Events

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Action & Awareness

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Golden Ribbon Heroes

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