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Virtual Advocacy

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Helping out is just a click away! By downloading and sharing these infographics, you can influence the national conversation about childhood cancer and speak up about its importance. Just download the graphics of your choice, share them wherever you like, and don’t forget to tag us!

You may not have the spare time to run a fundraiser or the spare change to donate directly, but you can still help!

September: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Help us turn social media gold this September! On the platform of your choice, replace your profile picture with this simple gold square and tell us what motivates you to GO GOLD®. With your help, we can turn social media gold for a month… because kids can’t fight cancer alone!®




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Facts and Numbers

Awareness is everything. At the American Childhood Cancer Organization, we believe that knowing your enemy is part of fighting it. A critical problem in the fight against childhood cancer has been a lack of coordinated information-gathering that could facilitate more research, enable better treatment options, and empower families and survivors.

Early Warning Signs

Catching the early symptoms of childhood cancer is crucial. You can download and share these simple graphics to spread awareness and help kids get diagnosed. This type of information can save lives.

Informational Flyers

These flyers have information about ACCO, event fundraising, and how to get involved. You can print them out or share them online. Even if you can’t run a fundraiser yourself, you can inform and inspire someone who does.


Share a personal story or just raise awareness with these templates.

Statistic Gifs

Spice up your digital advocacy with these eye-catching gifs!

Kids Too

Be a voice for change alongside Momcology. The purpose of this collaboration is to train and empower parents so they can implement childhood cancer language in state cancer action plans, and advocate for the inclusion of pediatric cancer research in state cancer budgets.