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Ari’s Bears- MD


file (22)Hi, I am Ariella and ten years old. I was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma back in February 2017. I am now finished my 17 rounds of chemo (which required me to stay inpatient every other week) but not at the end of this cancerous journey. I had an External Fixator on my right leg right for almost a year. That is something that helped my bone regrow. Because of cancer on my Tibia, they had to cut out about four inches. They also made another smaller cut in my bone. They did that so the Fixator moved my bone down and also the Fixator helps me grow my bone back on my own instead of a bone from a different person. It also prevented amputation of my leg.

Now back to my Founding Hope Fund with the American Childhood Cancer Organization. All the organizations that helped me through my journey made me want to start my own. I am going to give teddy bears to kids in hospitals. I want to do this because since I know the horrible feeling of being in the hospital, I wanted to make kids feel good and happy and not scared or trapped in a space. I decided to call my foundation “Ari’s Bears”. That is it about me and my foundation. I would also like to give a shout out to The Jessie Reese Foundation because, without her, I wouldn’t have done this.