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Golden Warriors of Maine – ME

On April 10th, 2018 our lives where forever changed when what I thought was growing pains and a persistent fever, turned out to be Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in my 7 year old daughter Hannah.  Hannah started treatment on the 12th and we remained in the Barbara Bush Childrens Hospital for the next 22 days. Hannah has had several extended stays at Barbara Bush, where although child life and staff do there best to entertain and keep the children happy, it can still be pretty dull and boring.  Especially if you are confined to your room.  So as we approached the year mark of Hannah’s journey we decided to find a way to make a hospital stay a little brighter, when we just so happened to stumble upon The Playtime Edventure hospital grade bed sheets!  They are an interactive way for kids to add a little more fun and color to an otherwise boring hospital room.    And when the children are discharged they get to take the sheets home with them!
        With the help of our community we where able to raise enough money to donate 100 sets of bed sheets.  It is our mission to be able to continually replenish the stock of bed sheets as the hospital runs low, so that every child who has to spend time there will be gifted a set of sheets to help brighten there stay.  We also hope to eventually help out parents and caregivers of the children with financial burdens, or gift cards, or anything they may need as well!  We hope with your help we will be able to carry on with our mission for years to come!
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