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Paul and the Dragon Video


birdie-paul_3When a child is diagnosed with cancer, life is changed forever. The child is put into an unknown world filled with hospitalizations, people in white coats taking blood, giving “pokes,” and administering treatments that can include chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Children often feel sick, frightened and alone. Family routine suddenly includes balancing life at the hospital with life at home. Parents must juggle work while caring for their sick child, and other children in the family. They must also communicate what is happening to their child who has cancer. Often feeling like the world has turned upside down, they too feel frightened, confused and alone.

“Paul and the Dragon” is a powerful 25 minute video created to help children understand the world of childhood cancer in a safe way, with humor but also with truth. Through watching Paul’s battle with his dragon, the child with cancer will understand that scary things will happen to them as they fight their “cancer-dragon.” But they will also learn that the doctors, nurses and even the blue “medication-men” and purple “chemo-blobs” that sometimes make them feel sick, are really there to help them beat their cancer.

This Video is also helpful for siblings, family and friends of the child diagnosed with cancer. They too are often afraid of what is happening and they may not know what questions to ask. “Paul and the Dragon” can help adults explain a very complicated world in a way children can understand.

We are proud and honored to be the sole U.S. distributor of this video, and we offer sincere gratitude to Paul Sanders and his family, the Paul and the Dragon Foundation, iL Luster Films, and Marianne Naafs of the Vereniging, Ouders, Kinderen en Kanker (VOKK) Foundation for creating this Video about a little boy and his fight with the dragon. The need for childhood cancer support and awareness crosses every border across the globe, and together we are all united by this cause.