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Did you know that more than 10,000 children in the United States under the age of 15 will be diagnosed with some form of cancer this year alone? That’s 10,000 children who will spend this year undergoing aggressive and potentially toxic medical treatments instead of playing with their friends, who will spend more time this year in a hospital bed than going to school, and who will find a hidden reserve of strength and bravery to cope with terrible illness and even mortality. That’s 10,000 families—moms, dads, grandparents, siblings—who will spend this year facing their worst nightmare: the possibility that their child will die long before they have had a chance to live out the full, happy life they were meant to have. That’s 10,000 children and families who will spend this year hoping that we can come together and find a cure for all childhood cancers.

These 10,000 brave cancer warriors and their dedicated, loving families should not have to face childhood cancer alone this year, and with your help, they don’t have to! We encourage you to join with the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) in our mission to celebrate the courage of these childhood cancer warriors, to stand together with the families impacted by this number one disease killer of children in our country, and to bring greater awareness to the continuing danger that this disease and current treatment options pose to the health of our children. Only with your help can we truly let children and their families know that they are not alone, that we will stand with them until the time when no child dies from cancer or has to live with the devastating, long-term side effects of today’s available cancer treatments.

Sometimes, getting involved in such an important cause—one that can truly bring tears to your eyes and tug at your heartstrings—can seem overwhelming, but at the ACCO, we believe that getting involved can and should be uplifting, fulfilling, and even fun! All you need is a kind heart and the willingness to dedicate your time to make a difference in the life of a child or a family impacted by cancer. We have developed the following programs that enable you to become involved in this critical cause in new, creative, and different ways, but we encourage you to use your own creativity as well, because we believe that everyone has a role to play in improving the lives of children with cancer and raising awareness about this disease and the imperative need for a cure.

We are only as strong as our members! When you join the ACCO, you enter a warm, loving, supportive community of parents and survivors who have dedicated themselves to helping others on their cancer journey and to working together to eradicate this disease forever. We welcome you to join us, and add your strength, courage, and love to our community!

Our corporate partners play a critical role in our mission to raise awareness of the Gold Ribbon as the symbol of the struggle against childhood cancer, by proudly displaying the Gold Ribbon on their products and making a difference in the lives of children with cancer at the same time.

Has your business been looking for a great cause to support? Do you need a fun, team-building event that can be easily integrated into your annual Cause Marketing strategy? We have just the event you’ve been looking for! We recently launched our Corporate Events program and are excited to invite your business to join us!

Help us raise awareness about childhood cancer by organizing a PJammin® event in your local community! PJammin® events remind everyone about the many months kids fighting cancer may have to spend in the hospital wearing their PJs, and help raise money for this vital cause at the same time.

The ACCO wants to celebrate the very special people with the courage and bravery to fight against childhood cancer each and every day, and who inspire us to join in the nationwide—and even international—struggle to end childhood cancer. We encourage you to nominate your special GOLD RIBBON HERO today!

Do you want to help, but aren’t sure how?  Work with the ACCO to organize a Go Gold® for Kids with Cancer fundraiser!  “Go Gold®” events are a fantastic way to have fun while showing your support for children fighting cancer and raising awareness of this important cause in your community.

Do you want to start a non-profit organization to honor your special child and make an impact in the fight against childhood cancer? The ACCO can help: through our Founding Hope Fund, you can focus on the aspects of your foundation that are important to you, while leaving the administrative duties to us!

Our divisions provide local assistance to families currently battling childhood cancer, including financial assistance, emotional support, and social networking with families who can relate because they have faced cancer themselves. Until such time as they are no longer needed, our goal is to have an ACCO division in every major city in the United States!

More than 40 childhood cancer groups across the United States work with the ACCO to raise awareness about the importance of this cause, as well as to provide on-the-ground support for families facing childhood cancer. Find a local group and discover how you can get involved in your community!

This year, 1 in 408 children will be diagnosed with cancer before age 15.

This year, 1 in 285 children will be diagnosed with cancer before age 20.

That’s more than were diagnosed last year, but even more of our children will be diagnosed next year.

We need your help to reverse this devastating trend! We encourage you to learn everything you can about childhood cancer and the terrible toll it takes on our children. Then you, too, can become an advocate for greater awareness, better research, and the hope for a cure!

Learn more about our advocacy programs and how you can get involved!

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