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Childhood cancer, in all its devastating forms, strikes at the most vulnerable members of our community — our children — those who are the least equipped to understand it and yet amaze and surprise us with their strength, their resilience, and their courage. Childhood cancer strikes at entire families — parents, siblings, loved ones — forcing them to cope with a deadly disease at a time when they should be celebrating the small successes of childhood and youth. And childhood cancer strikes at our whole nation: despite amazing advances in treatment options and survival rates for many adult cancers, new and innovative treatments for childhood cancer continue to lag behind.

Childhood cancer sadly remains the number one disease killer of children in the United States today.

At its core, ACCO was founded on the principle of bringing together these very individuals who have been most impacted by childhood cancer and the devastating long-term health problems caused by most of today’s treatment protocols. Originally organized by parents who themselves have been touched by this disease, ACCO has grown into a nation-wide community of individuals and families committed to honoring the lives of children affected by cancer in any of its devastating forms, offering assistance to families currently struggling to offer their child the greatest possible chance of long-term, healthy survival as well as to survivors and the bereaved, and dedicated to bringing greater national and international awareness to the continuing and ongoing fight against childhood cancer.

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You may have just heard that terrible word “cancer” for the first time, or you may be struggling to understand the best treatment options for your child. You may have lost a child to cancer or you may be helping your child cope with the long-term impacts of cancer and its treatments. Or you may simply have been moved by the many stories of children facing this dreaded disease and want to get involved. Whatever your unique situation, however you have been touched by childhood cancer, we hope you will join us and explore the many ways in which we can offer our help, guidance, and assistance. By joining ACCO and becoming an ACCO member, you can:

  • Access the assistance, guidance, and support of our nation-wide community of members who, like yourself, have been impacted by childhood cancer. We want you to know that you are not alone!
  • Obtain free copies of resources designed just for you and your children, specifically geared to help make childhood cancer more comprehensible to you, and perhaps just a bit more comfortable for your child.
  • Join our “Inspire” on-line community, which provides 24-hour access to an online network of individuals who have been where you are today, who can answer your questions, offer a friendly, listening ear, and provide advice and empathy.
  • Find local, immediate assistance to make coping with the details of daily living easier. Our network of more than 40 local groups around the country offer on-the-ground support; we can help you locate a local group or ACCO division near you.
  • Make a difference: whether through our Founding Hope Fund program or our Go Gold® and PJammin’® events, we can help you raise awareness, conduct fundraising activities, and educate others in your local community about childhood cancer.

Joining ACCO is easy; there is no membership fee or donation required, and involves nothing more than completion of a simple membership form. And while we believe we have so much to offer our members, we believe that you have a lot to offer us as well: by joining ACCO, you are contributing your voice to the thousands who are already speaking out to raise awareness about this terrible disease, the toll it still takes on our children, and the desperate need for new, innovative, less toxic treatments.

We look forward to hearing your story and adding your strength to our community today!