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Pediatric Cancer Resources: Hospitals & Organizations

For kids with cancer, it can be difficult to understand the dynamics of a hospital. Between tests, treatments, and extended stays, it can be a scary and unfamiliar experience. But as part of ACCO’s mission to support children and families affected by childhood cancer, we provide pediatric oncology departments, treatment centers, and child life sites in our Hospital Network Program with free access to a variety of resources and programs.

As part of our Hospital Network Program, hospitals and childhood cancer support organizations have access to the resources below, which are tailored to support children, teens, parents, and siblings through a childhood cancer journey. We hope these resources help you support families as their loved one receives life-saving care.

Hospitals and Organizations, register here for resources.

Childhood Cancer Resources For Parents, Kids, Teens and Siblings

Hospitals and organizations can provide the following pediatric cancer resources to patients, their parents and siblings to help them better understand the ins and outs of cancer treatment. Resources include:

  • Educational books and journals for families to learn how to navigate through this journey. Topics include understanding cancer treatment for preschool to teen-aged readers, understanding clinical trials, chemotherapy treatment, educating the child with cancer, and enhancing their quality of life. Additionally, there are journals to document experiences and books for siblings.
  • ACCO comfort kits to help newly-diagnosed children and teens find comfort and acclimate to their new surroundings in a hospital — includes a duffle bag, blanket, and more.
  • The Hero Beads® program, which combines art and medicine to help children and teens cope and commemorate their pediatric cancer journey. Each time a patient has a procedure, a parent or member of their medical team can give them a special bead to add to their strand.
  • Take a Pop Share a Smile: through our partnership with Jel Sert provides participating hospitals with a freezer full of freezer pops, so patients undergoing treatment can have a cool and soothing treat. Jel Sert refills the freezers and takes care of freezer maintenance.
  • Childhood Cancer Heroes is a global online support network by ACCO and Inspire that provides a private and safe space for discussions on sensitive topics related to childhood cancer. Content is monitored and families control personal information. Survivors, caregivers, educators, and healthcare professionals can collaborate, share stories, and discuss questions and concerns related to cancer.

How to Join the Hospital Network Program

If your pediatric oncology department, treatment center, or child life site would like to participate in the ACCO Hospital Network program, simply fill out the form with your information and a member of our team will contact you.

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ACCO is Here to Help Hospitals & Childhood Cancer Support Organizations

The American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) was founded in 1970 by parents of children diagnosed with cancer. Formerly known as Candlelighters, ACCO is the nation’s oldest and largest grassroots organization dedicated to childhood cancer. For over 50 years, ACCO has supported more than half a million families dealing with the realities of cancer… because kids can’t fight cancer alone!®