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Pediatric Cancer Resources: Families

At ACCO, we know how devastating and isolating a childhood cancer diagnosis is, not just for the child but for the whole family. In addition to raising funds for childhood cancer research, we make the mental and emotional health of our families our top priority. The free pediatric cancer resources below are tailor-made to support children, teens, parents and siblings through the ups and downs of their childhood cancer journey by helping ease the burden of navigating the most difficult time of their lives.


Free Cancer Resources for Kids & Teens

Undergoing cancer treatment can be a stressful and confusing time. However, these pediatric cancer resources provide comfort and help kids, teens and their siblings better understand what they’re going through. Our resources include:

  • Age-appropriate books about cancer, including journals, coloring books, Spanish language books and books to help children and their siblings make sense of their cancer journey.
  • A digital library with age-appropriate books that can be downloaded or printed on-demand so children can understand all aspects of their cancer journey — from diagnosis to treatment.
  • A medical play kit to help children familiarize themselves with the instruments and procedures they will encounter during their treatment.
  • An emotional communication kit to help children identify and express difficult feelings — online version available, too!
  • Paul and the Dragon DVD, an online, animated cartoon for children diagnosed with cancer, their family, school and friends.
  • Cozy the Port-a-Cat, a cuddly stuffed animal that can be used as a teaching tool so children can learn about cancer treatments by identifying and practicing them on Cozy.
  • Print-at-home coloring pages & activity sheets, featuring Cozy the Cat going on adventures!
  • Supportive online groups to help siblings cope with their brother or sister’s cancer diagnosis and journey.


Free Cancer Resources for Parents of Kids With Cancer

Talking with children about cancer is never easy, but these free pediatric cancer resources can help families better relate to their child and explain the complexities of a cancer journey — in an age-appropriate manner. We also provide support for parents of a child with cancer through a variety of ways — including online peer support, local groups, free membership to ACCO, and more. Our resources include:

  • Books to help parents understand childhood cancer, explain it to their children and document their treatment journey.
  • A digital library with books that can be downloaded or printed on-demand so parents can access supportive literature.
  • Local groups that offer varied pediatric cancer resources, support programs and services.
  • A comprehensive list of other helpful resources, from travel assistance to support organizations and more.
  • Financial assistance resources are available.
  • Free membership to ACCO, and access to a nationwide network of supportive members, free cancer resources, fundraising activities, and more!


ACCO is Here to Help

The American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) was founded in 1970 by parents of children diagnosed with cancer. Formerly known as Candlelighters, ACCO is the nation’s oldest and largest grassroots organization dedicated to childhood cancer. For over 50 years, ACCO has supported more than half a million families dealing with the realities of cancer… because kids can’t fight cancer alone!®