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Last year, there were an estimated half a million deaths due to cancer– accounting for one of every four deaths in the U.S. Approximately one quarter of our nation’s children diagnosed with cancer will die from their disease. While childhood cancers have not known the benefit of early detection methods, it is vital for young adult survivors of childhood cancer to reduce the probability of a second cancer by being active through education, screening and prevention initiatives. The great news is that research suggests that nearly 70 percent of all adult cancers deaths are preventable. It is even more important that young adult survivors of childhood cancer who have been exposed to radiation therapy, chemotherapy, in addition to having a previous cancer diagnosis be active in making healthy lifestyle choices.

ACCO is proud to join with C-Change, a non-profit organization that seeks to leverage the leadership and expertise of all sectors of society to eliminate cancer as a major public health problem at the earliest possible time, by communicating consistent research-based messaging to the public. It is our hope that a unified communications strategy across every sector of society will most effectively encourage consumers to take a more active role in reducing their risk for cancer.

By getting the proper screening tests and adopting healthy behaviors such as eating well, not smoking and living an active lifestyle, you can significantly reduce your cancer risk. For our part, we are working with C-Change to share clear, simple messages about healthy living and screening to help empower individuals to take charge and reduce their own risk of cancer.

The messages are simple, but meaningful ways to reduce your risk: Get screened, Eat Well, Be Active, and Don’t Smoke. Now you know. Now you can.

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Some treatments used to cure childhood cancer can sometimes lead to a secondary cancer. It is important if you are a young adult survivor of childhood cancer that you continue to be monitored by your doctor.

Check-your-status-logo-300x161Tips for checking your status so YOU can reduce your risk of cancer:

  • Talk to your doctor about recommended screenings based upon your childhood cancer treatments.
  • It’s easy to forget to make an appointment, so mark your calendar to remind yourself when it’s time to get checked again.
  • Make a commitment to a loved one that you will get your recommended screenings so you can stay healthy.
  • Ask your doctor questions about screening and prevention.  Get the facts and learn what is best for your health.
  • Talk to your employer about the types of screenings they cover and find out if they are planning any health fairs.  You’d be surprised at how many screenings may be free or even offered right on the job.