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Ports and Central Lines


Most children undergoing chemotherapy undergo surgery to implant a device called a “right atrial catheter,” “central line, ” or “port.” Ports and central lines lessen the number of needle pokes that cancer kids have to endure. More information on ports and central lines can be found on the web sites linked to below.

Ports and Central Lines on Pediatric Oncology Resource

This site includes descriptions of the different types of central lines and ports, precautions for children who have these devices, PCC lines and Omya reservoirs, and helpful parents’ comments.



This organization sells cover-ups and sleeves to protect PICC lines from moisture, dirt, and germs, as well as to offer a colorful way to conceal them from sight.

ACCO does not endorse the use/or lack of use of any specific catheter holding device. We recommend that you ask your child’s doctor for advice regarding the use of any medical device or attachment to any medical device, with regards to possible transmission of germs that may lead to infection.