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received_330040647426469Yvonne was diagnosed on March 19, 2017, with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (also known as AML). Yvonne and her family are from Eugene, Oregon but spent most of her treatment time in Doernbecher Children’s hospital in Portland, Oregon. While doing her extended stays in the hospital for chemotherapy treatments, infections, surgeries, blood and platelet transfusions, Yvonne saw her mother struggle to obtain basic necessities. She wanted to help other parents, like her mother, feel a bit more comfortable and have access to these essential everyday items that so many of us take for granted. When living such a far distance from the hospital, it is hard to get shampoo and conditioner, body soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, or Tylenol. On the rare occasion, the hospital gift shop had these items, they would be expensive and there were no other nearby options. FB_IMG_1531976520069

Yvonne’s dream was to start a foundation to make “Parent Comfort Baskets” containing essential items. Parent comfort baskets would allow the parent to focus on their child and not worry about the small stuff. Yvonne wanted to make sure that the children didn’t feel left out and wanted to give them gifts as well. When a child is diagnosed with cancer, you are devastated, but you become a part of this amazing community where love is shared through some of the darkest moments and you meet amazing people. As a community, we can love, support, assist, and help make the darkest of days just a little brighter. The Orange Ribbon Foundation hopes you will join them in bringing a little light into someone’s darkness and help support parents and children in the childhood cancer community.
The Orange Ribbon Foundation
P.O. Box 21152
Eugene, OR 97402