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Complementary and Alternative Medicine


Quack Watch

This is an extensive article focused on “questionable methods as lifestyle practices, clinical tests, or therapeutic modalities that are promoted for general use for the prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of cancer and which are, on the basis of careful review by scientists and/or clinicians, deemed to have no real evidence of value.” Information on things ranging from antineoplastins to shark cartilage is covered. There are 65 reference articles. There is also a section on misrepresentations. From the home page ( there is a lot of other information. Review 3/25/02

Complementary and Alternative Medicine on ACOR’s Ped-onc

This site divides this subject into complementary therapies to conventional therapies that are outside the practices of most conventional physicians, but generally recognized as safe to use along with chemotherapy and radiation (for example: art and music therapy, meditation, reiki, yoga, aromatherapy, and also nutrition and vitamin supplements). Some people believe these treatments can improve the quality of life of the patient, relieve symptoms and side effects, ease pain, and give the patient a better outlook on life. The second section is focused on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) which are therapies that are outside the practices of most conventional physicians and their value has not yet been established in scientific journals Extensive links on this site. Review 3/25/02

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NIH site)

This site has information for consumers including fact sheets, alerts, and ongoing clinical trials. Review 3/25/02

Complementary/Integrative Medicine Educational Resource at MD Anderson

This site was created to assist patients and health care professionals in deciding what types of complementary medicine might be integrated into a patient’s conventional therapy. There is a lot of information but no specific recommendations. Review 3/25/02

Steve Dunn’s Cancer Guide

This site presents guidelines for evaluating treatments, as well as discussions of some of the treatments and links to other web sites and a suggested book list with more information. Review 3/25/02