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PJammin® Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to register for a PJammin® for Kids with Cancer event?

Nothing! ACCO covers the cost of all the materials and shipping. We want to support your efforts in raising awareness of childhood cancer. We simply ask that you promote your event in advance to bring your school community together for this great cause!

What materials will I receive?  

You will receive a customized digital flyer, a social media guide for promotion, complimentary swag items (your choice of stickers, tattoos, or silicone bracelets), and an Early Warning Signs poster for your school clinic.

When will I receive my materials?

If you have pre-registered far in advance, a representative from ACCO will contact you a month before your event to confirm your event date and delivery address. If you registered at least 3 weeks before your event, you will receive your materials at least a week before your PJammin® Day.

What if I need to change my event date?

ACCO can accommodate changes made to an event registration date up to three weeks prior and cannot guarantee that all materials will arrive on time if less notification is given.

Why does ACCO want to know if my event is being held in honor or memory of a child?

ACCO would be honored to provide additional services for a PJammin® for Kids with Cancer event if it is being held in honor or memory of a child. We offer a variety of resources and awareness campaigns that honor these childhood cancer warriors, free of charge. Please specify in your registration so we may better serve your community.

What percent of my donations go to supporting families of childhood cancer?

100% of your donations! The children undergoing treatment are not the only ones who need help. Their families require support too: clear, comprehensible information to help them make life-saving medical decisions, emotional support to help them cope with the daily stresses caused by this disease, and resources to help them make the treatment protocols just a little bit easier for their precious child.

If you still have questions, please contact: