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Education Scholarships Scholarship

This scholarship awards $4,000 to students who have been impacted by any type of cancer. The deadline to apply for this scholarship is March 31, 2022.

Financial Aid for Students

Produces Creating Options: A Resource on Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities.  The 2003 edition features up-to-date information about federal financial aid programs, describes the relationship between state vocational rehabilitation agencies and the financial aid process, and lists organizations that offer disability-related grants and scholarships for postsecondary education. It also includes a list of 29 sponsors of scholarships specifically designated for students with disabilities. You may also wish to request a copy of Vocational Rehabilitation Services: A Post Secondary Student Consumer’s Guide.

Friends of Scott Foundation: Scott Delgadillo College Scholarship

Scholarship program designed to provide funding to survivors who want to continue their education through technical school, vocational school, junior college, or a four-year college or university.

National Collegiate Cancer Foundation Scholarship

$1,000 competitive awards for young adult cancer survivors between the ages of 18-35.

Patient Advocate Foundation Scholarship for Survivors

Twelve $3,000 scholarships available to provide support to individuals, under the age of 25, that are or have been diagnosed with cancer or a critical or life threatening disease.

Ryan Mullaly Second Chance Scholarship

Variable amount scholarship available to a childhood cancer survivor younger than 22 years of age who was diagnosed and treated for cancer between 13 years of age and last year of high school, and entering an accredited college.

The Ruth Cheatham Foundation Scholarship

Scholarships are offered to childhood cancer survivors or current warriors undergoing treatment between the ages of 17-26.

LLS Scholarship for Blood Cancer Survivors

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) knows how challenging it can be to plan for your future during or after cancer treatment. The LLS Scholarship for Blood Cancer Survivors provides up to $7,500 to cover tuition for virtual or in-person vocational, two-year, or four-year undergraduate education for the 2023-2024 academic year. Your future is now, and we want to support your dreams.

Student Movement Against Cancer (SMAC) Cancer Fighter Scholarship 

The Student Movement Against Cancer (SMAC) was founded in an effort to support a high school friend battling cancer. This group of students empowered their peers to fight back against cancer alongside their friend. In the process, they all had a meaningful impact in the fight against cancer. SMAC is proud to announce that we will be awarding the Cancer Fighter Scholarship to up to ten graduating high school seniors who have been leaders in the fight against cancer. The Cancer Fighter Scholarship will be $1000 for each scholarship winner.