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Survivor Stories: Payal

The story detailed below is an account written by Payal, an osteosarcoma survivor!

I had this uncontrolled pain in my leg that brought me to my knees. I went to my doctor and one test led to another. My leg was swollen and I had trouble walking. After x-rays and a CT scan were inconclusive, doctors said that it was a reduction of calcium. They gave me calcium tablets and painkillers which only worked for a short time. I had one biopsy that was not clear, doctors ordered another biopsy which showed signs of cancer. 

I had a hemipelvectomy and underwent 15 cycles of chemotherapy in total. I was bedridden for 6 months which was dreadful. As a result of the hemipelvectomy, I have one and a half inches of difference in my leg. I am now a dancer and I feel like I have come out stronger because of the cancer. I am so happy to help create awareness and share my story. 

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