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ACCO Annual Appeal 2023

With your donations, ACCO has…

  • Secured $98.8 million in state funding for childhood cancer research since 2018, through our What About Kids research initiative.
  • Provided educational materials to thousands of families, helping them understand cancer treatment and make informed decisions.
  • Secured childhood cancer proclamations in 48 states in 2023.
    Collaborated with the World Health Organization on a global lived cancer experience survey, currently being translated into policies and programs.
  • Contributed patient data which resulted in the FDA reopening clinical trials of 72 and 96 hour infusion bags of blinatumomab, improving patient accessibility.
  • Funded research into essential medicine access barriers in five east African countries.
  • Have commenced preparations for the first What About Kids Research & Advocacy Symposium, to be held in Kentucky in 2024.