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Abby’s Survivor Story

The story detailed below is an account written by Abby’s mother about her journey with cancer. She is now a survivor and enjoying every day. Abby Survivor Story

Abby was beginning to have trouble concentrating in the winter of 2017. Then she started getting headaches. We took her to the doctor. They originally diagnosed her with ADHD and allergies. Then in March she began vomiting and the headaches got worse. We saw her primary who sent her to a neurologist. The neurologist diagnosed her with allergies but her primary wanted answers. He had a CT scan done at the ER on and then we got the horrible news, it was a brain tumor.

She went through 30 rounds of radiation to the spine and head followed by 9 rounds of inpatient chemotherapy and every 2 weeks we had outpatient chemo.

She has suffered from POS FOSSA, physical and mental health therapy. The triumphs have been wonderful. She is now able to ride her scooter, go back to school, finish treatment and just be a kid again.

Abby rang the bell for radiation on July 19, 2018 and chemotherapy bell on August 24, 2019!

Abby’s mom, Debbie said, ACCO has “provided so much information in book form that I pass along to her teachers. They have given me so much to help my daughter navigate this new normal. They truly are a resource for families starting out in this horrible battle.”

Just because the smiles are back along with the hair, the treatment has left scars that can and cannot be seen. We are just trying to play catch up with school. Enjoying all the moments. We are still working on physical therapy, occupational therapy and mental health therapy. Abby’s main goal after treatment is to have a less stressful transition into her new normal.

What is the one piece of advice you’d give someone on treatment and newly diagnosed?
“Don’t stop asking questions. Keep pushing for them. You know your child the best. If something isn’t right keep fighting for the answers. Please know there is help out there and nobody fights alone.”

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