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Coronavirus Links

Official Statement

Click above to read the American Childhood Cancer Organization’s official stance on the coronavirus.

Isolation Stories

Social isolation is nothing new to children with cancer and their families. Click above to hear their stories.

Activity Sheets

Being stuck inside is always hard on kids. ACCO offers free printable coloring pages and activity sheets to give you and your kids something to do together.

Buy a T-shirt, Support ACCO

Pair this cozy top with your favorite pajama bottoms and go #PJammin with ACCO. This shirt was created to help raise funds for kids with cancer! Don’t forget to share a picture when you get it to help raise awareness today!

Sew to Save Lives

ACCO is looking for ways to give back to the hospitals who remain on the front lines at this difficult time. In order to help address the desperate need for masks of any kind (hopefully temporarily to stop-gap the shortage) we are asking our community to help us promote our fabric mask campaign – Sew to Save Lives – in your communities.  Click here to learn more about the campaign and watch a how-to on sewing a mask.

Amazon Smile: American Childhood Cancer Organization

Did you know that Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible Amazon Smile purchases to ACCO?! Click the link above to login to your regular Amazon account, and select the American Childhood Cancer Organization as your preferred charity today.

Online Emotional Communication Kit

Since ACCO is not shipping physical resources at this time, we are offering as many digital free resources as possible. Click above to try out our online emotional communication kit.

Donate to ACCO

ACCO’s mission has always been to offer community support, information and advocacy and we will continue to do so for many years to come. Help ACCO today by donating anything you can, to ensure we are here long after the pandemic ends. ACCO needs your help now, more than ever.

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