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Digital Advocacy

Social media is a powerful weapon in the fight against childhood cancer because it allows us to transcend geographical limitations and facilitates the creation of an online community who share a common goal. Digital technology allows even the littlest voices to be heard all over the world and provides a powerful way for children and families impacted by a childhood cancer diagnosis to fight for policies that will greatly impact their lives even from the confines of a hospital room.

Social media also gives the public an opportunity to see the human faces behind childhood cancer statistics. Children are so much more than a number. Reading that “91,250 children around the world die of cancer everyday” may be impactful but seeing the pictures of a terminally ill child with cancer creates a movement. Learning about the day-to-day struggles of a child and family on a social media posting touches us at the most basic, empathic level of our humanity—where true change begins.


The ACCO is constantly working on new, innovative ways to raise awareness about pediatric cancer and spreading the message about the critical need to increase funding for childhood cancer research. Many of our awareness/advocacy campaigns utilize digital technology to encourage participation and activism via social media forums/outlets, including, but not limited to:

The momentum gained from our successful social media campaigns reinforces and strengthens our advocacy efforts, allowing us to present government officials with indisputable evidence of the widespread popular support for our cause and proof that childhood cancer research initiatives can no longer be overlooked. Only with your help can we raise public awareness and improve outcomes for children fighting cancer. We hope you will digitally join us!