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2024 State Proclamations

Formalizing Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Cancer kills more children in the United States than any other disease.

A proclamation is a public declaration from a state governor, often used to formally recognize a serious issue or emergency. Childhood cancer deserves this legitimacy. Over the last two years, ACCO has consistently obtained more than 40 state proclamations each year, recognizing September as childhood cancer awareness month across the nation. Together with many committed advocates and grassroots organizations, we humbly ask for your help contacting the governor’s office in your state. ACCO, as a national organization, has contacted your state and they are looking forward to issuing the proclamation.

However, many times the request has to come from a resident. That’s where we need your help.

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Different states have different channels for seeking a proclamation. We’ll work with you personally to help you request a proclamation in your home state.

Jessica Beckstrand
“What About Kids?”
Research Initiative

Hannah Adams
Ambassador & Coordinator,
“What About Kids?”
Research Initiative

Amy Kindstedt
Ambassador & Coordinator,
“What About Kids?”
Research Initiative

What About Kids?

What About Kids

If state funds have been allocated to adult cancer research, we must ask ourselves… what about kids?
The majority of cancer research at the state level is dedicated to adult cancers, not childhood cancers. ACCO’s first success to reduce this disparity occurred in Kentucky through the passing of legislation resulting in Kentucky’s first appropriation for childhood cancer research. Since then, ACCO has been successful in securing legislation and associated appropriations for childhood cancer research in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. As ACCO continues to spread this success across the country, ACCO’s goal — and the goal of “What About Kids?®” — is to secure 25 states appropriating funds for childhood cancer by 2030. Together, we can make childhood cancer a state health priority in funding and policies for kids fighting cancer and long-term childhood cancer survivors.

Sample language has been provided below as an optional guideline for your submission request that can be copied and pasted into your request. To access the sample language, click HERE.


Thank you in advance for your continued support of the American Childhood Cancer Organization!