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Joel’s Gift – NJ




Hello my name is Joel Grimm.  I am now 14 years old.  I use to live in Florida with mom and dad, but when I was 5 years old I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and came to live in New Jersey with my Grandmother.

My grandmother gave up her career and devoted her time to helping get the treatment I needed. I did have a biopsy of my tumor however, I was left with a trach and other medical issues due to the tumor. I had hypoxic events which caused me to pass out and turn blue. I had to be resuscitated daily. My doctor at Memorial Sloan Kettering told my grandma about a physician at the Mayo Clinic who might be able to help with these episodes that no one knew what to do for them.

So grandma made some calls and after many months of getting it all organized we were off to Minnesota. After receiving my diagnosis there I was put on medicine that controlled these episodes but now I was having issues with severe headaches at night. Grandma called my doctor and they did a MRI which showed my tumor was growing.Now I had to receive 6 weeks of radiation which shrunk my tumor.

Well it really is never over since I started having issues with controlling my blood pressure. So of course grandma brought me to a special doctor who put me on another medication to control my blood pressure. It was very hard to control my pressures and the medication was adjusted many times but this didn’t always work. Then grandma finally was able to get an appointment with a specialist who treats dysautonomia.

Today my blood pressure is being controlled and I am thriving. Grandma and I are so thankful for all the help and giving we received from so many people and physicians that we want to help other families who are dealing with similar issues. So I am asking you with the kindness in your heart to help me and grandma give back through this foundation. By doing so you will not only be helping us, but it will help another family in need.