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Kids TOO: Advocating together for Childhood Cancer

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ACCO and Momcology collaborate together to train and empower parents

WASHINGTON D.C., April 27, 2021 – Cancer is the number one disease cause of death for children in America. Most cancer research at the national and state level is dedicated to adult cancers. “Currently, 29 states have no mention of childhood cancer in their state cancer action plan as identified by the American Childhood Cancer Organization’s landscape analysis,” cited Ruth Hoffman, ACCO’s CEO. “With 46 kids diagnosed daily, it is time to include kids too.” The American Childhood Cancer Organization® (ACCO) and Momcology® are pleased to launch their joint Kids TOO initiative. The purpose of this collaboration is to train and empower parents so they can implement childhood cancer language in state cancer action plans, and advocate for the inclusion of pediatric cancer research in state cancer budgets.

For the past 50 years, advocacy has been at the heart of ACCO’s distinct mission. For nearly a decade, Momcology has been providing community-based support to childhood cancer families across the U.S. “We observed a significant need to connect parents to structured advocacy opportunities once they become aware that childhood cancer falls short within funding priorities.

Empowering parents to learn effective advocacy strategies from the seasoned experts at ACCO, and ultimately learn how to best share their own experiences, fits perfectly within Momcology’s peer support mission,” says Momcology Executive Director, Kim Buff.

ACCO and Momcology are excited to be working in this joint effort. Together, this collaboration will further both organizations’ missions by helping families interested in advocacy find the resources, knowledge, and the community they need to become powerful changemakers while shifting frustration into meaningful action for kids too.

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About The American Childhood Cancer Organization

Founded in 1970 by a dedicated group of parents of children with cancer, ACCO is dedicated to making childhood cancer a national child health priority through shaping policy, supporting research, raising awareness, and providing educational resources to children with cancer, survivors, and their families.

About Momcology

Momcology is a national support organization serving parents and primary caregivers of children with cancer through online, in-person, and hospital-based programming. With a strong commitment to collaborating with stakeholders, Momcology has become a trusted partner in community-building, dissemination of information, and advancing access to all areas of pediatric cancer support and care.

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