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Gold Ribbon Hero Shyla T

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: This little angle is 15mnths old and has been through more than us will go through in our life time. Shys my daughter and back in 2015 we found a lump on her back and we had it checaked and after many test and doctors they said it was a teathered cord she had surgery to disconnect the tissue from her spine and it went well. One of the many symptoms from this surgery could be loss in Blatter control so we went in to Shys Uroligist and had a ultrasound done on her kidneys they looked great but something wasn’t right in the lady’s face that was doing the ultrasound. She told us she needed a second set of eyes to look at her ultrasound and we just knew something was wrong, that’s when they told us they saw a tumor in her adrienal glad with many months of test and poking on my sweet baby they found out that it was cancerous and we needed to have surgery to get it removed but before then we had to have even more test done MIBG petscans bone scans etc. they all thankfully came back negative and the surgery was successful of removing the tumor, and she is now cancer free! ️ But even after all of this she will continue to have to have test done year after year for both surgerys she’s had this year and contained to be poked and messed with but inspiete all of this she is one of the most happiest kids I’ve ever seen and can always put a smile on anyone’s face. So this is why I nominate my daughter Shyla to be a gold ribbon hero.” – Amanda T








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