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Gold Ribbon Hero Jeorge & Samantha P

Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: I am originally from RI however our family is now in Hong Kong. Jeorge and Samantha Petris are in the middle of a huge fundraiser for the childrens cancer foundation and also Rett.’s Roost  a retreat for bereaved families of childhood cancer in the US started by a friend of ours who recently lost her baby to cancer.
Jeorge and Sam managed to get 15 other children involved in their efforts and are spreading their love and want to heal all over Hong Kong and the USA. They created a Facebook blog “little Philanthropist” and also have a webpage where they tell their stories The children managed to organise over 10,000 toys to sell at and event in the end of september. They have gone door to door requesting for companies to donate all on their own. Its an inspiring story and we are so very proud!” – Julie P







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