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Gold Ribbon Hero Ethan S

Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: I as mother of my child personally know what it’s like to make it past my retinoblastoma diagnose when I was 6 months old and to go into remission and live cancer free after years of check ups and tmheavy treatment. Majir difference from then and now because my treatment was heavy day after day for over 6 months and his was much easier and less time consuming then back then. Doctors always remind one to stay cautious cause major changes can result in new issues. I passed all of my elementary, middle school and up until out of high school perfectly fine. I got pregnant at the age of 22. As a result of high level of hormones and prenatal vitamins a benign meningioma surged on the left side of my brain during pregnancy.  I did brain surgery right out of emergency c- section doctirs were scared triggered seizures woukd affect baby. I still had seizures and took medication, and did radiation to become better. But once i was a bit more comfortable and stable I come to find out my son also inherited cancer. He was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma at his age of one. I have come to find out his strength and energy is much more uplifting that I thought. My son Ethan just let’s me know that if he’s doing fine through procedures and treatment and has been stable patient a year after he started treatment that mommy can be ok. I’ll live with the brain tumor fine, take care of myself as long as my son is better I know I’ll have the courage and strength to pull through anything just to be with him always. As both retinoblastoma warriors and I  a current brain cancer fighter my son will always amaze me that as a child nothing can beat his spirits down and that his strength surely encourages me to support him for as long as live.” – Natalia C






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