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Gold Ribbon Hero Brooklyn T.

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: My hero is my 3 yr old granddaughter Brooklyn who in May was diagnosed with stage 4 Wilms tumor or nephroblastoma.
She has had 3 surgeries.  One for her port & kidney biopsy. Then second, to remove her kidney, then lastly she developed complications from the kidney removal & had a bowel obstruction so they had to untwist her bowel.
That itself was a 20 day hospital stay.
She’s indured 8 rounds of radiation & 17 rounds of chemotherapy   Along with numerous blood draws, pokes & scans
She always has a smile & meets no stranger.  She loves her doggy Zoie & loves Elsa & everything from “Frozen”     On December 8th she completed the last chemotherapy round & we are claiming that God has cleared her cancers & that she will get to “Ring the bell” in January.  An awesome way to start our new year !!!!” – Kristi M.





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