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Gold Ribbon Hero Ryan V

Gold Ribbon Hero Ryan V

“Ryan valley 9/8/98-9/19/10 Ryan was a happy very smart kid loved art and finishing video games.i took Ryan into the Dr`s office for a cough and fever and insisted an xray.on St Patrick’s day 2009 we were told to head to Hasbro children’s hospital after further testing we were heard Ryan has cancer Hodgkin’s  lymphoma.Treatment started right away by sept 2009 we were heading to Boston’s children’s hospital for a bone marrow transplant.Ryan was in remission from November 2009 till February 2010.Ryan was a fighter he knew everything that was being done to him he even knew his medical I.d numbers.His  make a wish to Disney was fulfilled in April 2010..he then started a very aggressive round of chemotherapy which had him impatient for 2 weeks at a time,by august 2009 Ryan looked weak and tired and sick of the hospital they let him go home for his 12th birthday.on 9/11/10 I brought  Ryan into the ER for shortness of breathe by the next day he was on bi pap for a few days then needed to be placed on life support his organs were failing I had to let my sweet boy go so he would no longer suffer which was at 4:46pm on September 19, 2010…” – Anna C

Gold Ribbon Hero Steven M

Gold Ribbon Hero Dylan S

“Our son caught a hard battle but this awful disease beat him. Dylan was an inspiration to everyone especially his classmates at Cascade Elementary School. They just recently had a Buddy Bench dedicated in his memory. He was so full of love and was friendly to everyone.” – Pearl S

Dylan S



Gold Ribbon Hero Will J

“Will was diagnosed with a very high risk and aggressive form of Leukemia in November 2013. His Cancer proved to be stubborn and after several grueling rounds of chemo and radiation being unsuccessful, we needed a new plan. Enter the 16 year old sister, Hazel who has a 30% chance of being a match for bone marrow transplant. Oh happy day whe we found out she was a match! My son and daughter amaze me with their incredible attitudes about life they are heroes. Will is cancer free today. He hopes to create a foundation to help others with cancer with an emphasis on teens. He hopes to visit kids all over the country to encourage them to find their inner warrior. ” – Nancy J


Will J

Gold Ribbon Hero Sidney K

“Sidney recognizes the importance of friendship among kids with cancer. That’s why he started CCChampions, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that creates special friendships for kids with cancer! CCChampions recruits inspirational people in the community, like pro athletes and TV personalities, and creates long-term, 1-on-1 friendships! Sidney is creating a treatment for the social hardships of cancer! He is hero and an inspiration!” – Mia D

Sidney K



Gold Ribbon Hero Chase W

“Chase was diagnosed with Wilms tumor at the age of five, and she ended up having her entire left kidney removed. I met Chase this past January through the University of Louisville’s first ever completely student run organization that benefits the University of Louisville’s pediatric oncology and hematology clinic, called RaiseRED. When I met Chase, it was a week after her last day of chemotherapy and is now 6 months cancer free. Even though Chase’s personal battle with cancer has been over for 6 months, this little 7 year old girl has done nothing but tried to give back to the childhood cancer community in any way she can. Along with her family, she participates in countless walks, fundraisers, visits the other children. I am only 20 years old, but this 7 year old cancer survivor has became my hero and inspiration in countless ways. She is my inspiration for my future career path, to become a pediatric cancer social worker. Her continuous positive attitude, and her huge heart will leave a mark on you forever. I feel like this is an opportunity to give back to her for everything she has done for me, and to show her how much she has changed so many lives. If you get the privilege of meeting Chase, she will leave a mark on your heart forever. ” Deejay K


Chase W


Gold Ribbon Hero Lisa T

“Lisa is my sister-in-law and just recently lost her four year old son, my nephew, Trevor, to brain cancer (ependymoma). Throughout Trevor’s year of brain surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation, she was nothing but positive and never gave up hope. She is an inspiration to her family and friends and to people she does not even know. She has made an impact on many people’s lives through her love and honor of Trevor. She is constantly shedding love and God’s light onto others around her during this mournful time. She is so incredibly strong. She has brought attention and support to Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by participating in the whipping out childhood cancer challenge and by also making donations to St. Jude’s in Trevor’s honor. Though her times are hard, and will continue to be, Lisa shows her strength and compassion and love through everything she does.” – Sydney T


Lisa T



Gold Ribbon Hero Don C

“Dr Coulter is a pediatric oncologist in Omaha, NE. and by far, a favorite among patients and families! He brings a smile to the children he treats when they need it most and a laugh to the parents when we thought it impossible to find anything funny ever again! Dr C has helped our awareness and action efforts every step of the way, including showing up to our state capital GO GOLD event, joining us to talk with our state legislative representatives, and spending a week each summer at the summer camp for cancer fighting kids. He is a breath of fresh air in the pediatric cancer world and gave us hope when we thought there was none. ” – Karri S


Don C

Gold Ribbon Hero Penny P

Gold Ribbon Hero Briana M

“She was diagnosed with High Risk T-Cell All at the age of 6. She with the help of her family fought the monster and beat it. She is currently in remission and has just celebrated her one year of chemo free on August 10, 2014. She is a true Hero and inspiration for all.” – Martha M

Briana M