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Gold Ribbon Hero Ryan V

“Ryan valley 9/8/98-9/19/10 Ryan was a happy very smart kid loved art and finishing video games.i took Ryan into the Dr`s office for a cough and fever and insisted an xray.on St Patrick’s day 2009 we were told to head to Hasbro children’s hospital after further testing we were heard Ryan has cancer Hodgkin’s  lymphoma.Treatment started right away by sept 2009 we were heading to Boston’s children’s hospital for a bone marrow transplant.Ryan was in remission from November 2009 till February 2010.Ryan was a fighter he knew everything that was being done to him he even knew his medical I.d numbers.His  make a wish to Disney was fulfilled in April 2010..he then started a very aggressive round of chemotherapy which had him impatient for 2 weeks at a time,by august 2009 Ryan looked weak and tired and sick of the hospital they let him go home for his 12th birthday.on 9/11/10 I brought  Ryan into the ER for shortness of breathe by the next day he was on bi pap for a few days then needed to be placed on life support his organs were failing I had to let my sweet boy go so he would no longer suffer which was at 4:46pm on September 19, 2010…” – Anna C

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