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Gold Ribbon Hero Chase W

“Chase was diagnosed with Wilms tumor at the age of five, and she ended up having her entire left kidney removed. I met Chase this past January through the University of Louisville’s first ever completely student run organization that benefits the University of Louisville’s pediatric oncology and hematology clinic, called RaiseRED. When I met Chase, it was a week after her last day of chemotherapy and is now 6 months cancer free. Even though Chase’s personal battle with cancer has been over for 6 months, this little 7 year old girl has done nothing but tried to give back to the childhood cancer community in any way she can. Along with her family, she participates in countless walks, fundraisers, visits the other children. I am only 20 years old, but this 7 year old cancer survivor has became my hero and inspiration in countless ways. She is my inspiration for my future career path, to become a pediatric cancer social worker. Her continuous positive attitude, and her huge heart will leave a mark on you forever. I feel like this is an opportunity to give back to her for everything she has done for me, and to show her how much she has changed so many lives. If you get the privilege of meeting Chase, she will leave a mark on your heart forever. ” Deejay K


Chase W


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