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Childhood cancer kills more children than any other disease in the United States today, yet treatments designed for a child’s body remain frustratingly out-of-reach.


The American Childhood Cancer Organization is the largest national, grassroots organization standing at the forefront of the battle against childhood cancer. Founded by parents who themselves have faced this challenge, and joined by a national community of families and survivors, the ACCO is uniquely committed to improving the lives of children and families living with cancer and its long-term side effects, as well as bringing ever-greater awareness to the need for new, more effective treatments appropriate for cancer’s youngest warriors. From providing the highest quality resources designed for children and families, to coordinating local assistance to families in need, to leading national (and even international) advocacy campaigns for greater awareness and ever-more research, the ACCO is dedicated to giving every child facing childhood cancer a fighting chance at a healthy, happy future.

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Do you need a fun, team-building project that can be easily integrated into your annual Cause Marketing strategy? Through our Signature Corporate Events program, we will help you design, organize, and host a team-building event that will bring your team together in support of a great cause that everyone can get behind!

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ACCO Partners

  • JelSert


    Since 2008, ACCO’s partner Jel Sert has played a vital role bringing happiness to children with cancer, while simultaneously promoting our Gold Ribbon Awareness Program. Knowing the relief and joy an icy treat can bring, especially for children in treatment, Jel Sert generously provides pediatric cancer hospitals with a continuous supply of Fla-Vor-Ice freezer pops in a freezer decorated with the Gold Ribbon. Click here for more information about Jel Sert’s contribution to our mission! Click here for more information!

  • PalmCo


    PALMCo makes it easy: for every customer that registers with PALMCo and its sister company, Columbia Utilities, PALMco pledges a $1.00 donation every month to support the ACCO’s critical mission to offer resources, information, and support to children and families impacted by cancer. Once you have registered, all you need to do is pay your utility bill every month and you are joining the fight against childhood cancer. If you want to get involved, click here to learn how!

  • Hats Goorin Bros.


    Goorin Bros. Hats Company has generously donated a selection of high-quality hats for children and teens fighting childhood cancer. If you would like a hat to brighten the spirits of your warrior, use the discount code 'FREE HAT' when you visit the ACCO store.

  • 24 Hour Online Peer Support


    Nothing is more valuable than being able to lean on others who understand where you are, because they have been there too. ACCO’s online peer support network is available 24/7 to listen, support, and assist, when you need it. Click here to learn more.

Looking for Help?
ACCO offers FREE Books & Resources for Families of Children with Cancer

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Our Programs

  • Go Gold

    Go Gold®

    Like other forms of cancer, childhood cancer has an international symbol, the gold ribbon. This is an easily- recognizable symbol to unite under, if people know what it means. Sadly, when asked, most people would not be able to... Read More »



    Children with cancer can spend months to years dressed in their PJ’s at home or in the hospital as they undergo treatments including chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. They depend on others to help them through this difficult... Read More »

  • Founding Hope

    Founding Hope

    Our Founding Hope Fund Program allows you to commemorate your special child by starting a personalized non-profit foundation, while the ACCO handles the administrative responsibilities. Read more about how we handle the hard part, so you can make the difference!

    Local Groups

    Support From Local Divisions

    ACCO’s network of local divisions provide on-the-ground emotional, financial, and other critical support to families coping with childhood cancer, playing a vital role in ensuring that no family faces childhood cancer alone. Find a local group near you today!

  • Sept Go Gold


    Commemorate September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with a beautiful “Go Gold® For Kids With Cancer” tee shirt bearing the names of children touched by cancer.To feature your child on next year’s t-shirt, click here today!

    ICCD T-Shirt

    ICCD T-Shirt

    February 15th is International Childhood Cancer Day! We commemorate this event with a very special tee shirt bearing the names of over 1,400 children impacted by cancer. Click here to find out how you can join with the international community to fight childhood cancer!

  • Awareness Tree


    Help us “Light Up The Holidays With Hope” with our National Gold Ribbon Awareness Tree, a beautiful 23-foot tree decorated with thousands of gold ribbons celebrating children affected by cancer. We invite you to add your child’s name to the December 2015 tree!

    Hero Beads


    Help your warrior use their creativity to visualize their cancer story with ACCO Hero Beads, which offer children a creative way to map out and cope with their personal cancer journey. Visit the ACCO store for purchasing information.

Gold Ribbon Heroes

Gold Ribbon Hero

Meet Our Gold Ribbon Heroes

Each month, the ACCO celebrates a special member of our community whose actions highlight the critical importance of our mission. Our Gold Ribbon Heroes may be a child who astounds us with their strength and perseverance, a parent who shows courage and bravery even as their heart breaks, a medical practitioner who cares so deeply about each and every patient, or a researcher who continues to search for the next miracle cure. We encourage you to nominate your Gold Ribbon Hero by clicking here!

  • Time Spent by Family Caring for Child with Cancer

    Time Spent on Care

    The graph above shows approximately how much time per week was spent by the family/household providing, arranging or coordinating care for the child with cancer over the course of their treatment (ex. giving meds or other therapies, transportation to/from treatment, time in hospital, etc.). (1708 survey participants)

    Impact on Family Employment Status

    Family Employment Status

    The graph above shows the impact, if any, the cancer diagnosis had on the child's family's employment status. (1708 survey participants)

  • Annual Out-of-Pocket Expenses for Health Care

    Out of Pocket Expenses

    The above graph shows the amount of annual out-of-pocket expenses paid for health care services not fully covered by insurance (ex. co-pays, home care, medications, dental, equipment, etc.). (1708 survey participants)

    New Debt as Result of Child Diagnosed with Cancer

    New Debt

    The above chart shows the increased level of household debt as a result of a child diagnosed with cancer. (1708 survey participants)

  • Was Treatment Ever Denied or Rescinded by Insurance Company?

    Denied Treatment

    The above chart shows the percentage of diagnosed children whose treatment coverage was denied or rescinded by the health insurance company. (1708 survey participants)

    If Denied Coverage, What was the Reason Given?

    Reason for Denied Coverage

    If denied, the above graph shows the reason the child was denied health care coverage for cancer treatment given by the insurance company. (265 survey participants)

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Light Up the Holidays with Hope with the 2016 National Childhood Cancer Awareness Tree!

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