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What Is the Hospital Network Program?

For children with cancer, there’s no understating the importance of the hospital. It’s where many get diagnosed, it’s where they go for tests and treatments, and it can be their home for weeks or months at a time. Most importantly, it’s where they go for a cure.

As part of our mission to support children and families affected by childhood cancer, ACCO provides pediatric oncology departments, treatment centers and child life sites in our Hospital Network Program with these resources and programs for free (fill out this simple form to get started).


  • Educational books for children, teens, parents and siblings to better understand their journey. Topics include: understanding cancer treatment, understanding clinical trials, educating the child with cancer and improving the child’s quality of life.
  • Medical play kits to familiarize children with the many instruments they encounter during treatment. Letting children play the role of “doctor/caregiver” can help them feel like they’re in control and make new procedures less intimidating.
  • Comfort kits to ease the transition from home to hospital, including a sensory blanket, stuffed animal and duffle bag.
  • Journals to help parents and children document and make sense of their experience.


  • Hero Beads®: The Hero Beads program combines art and medicine to help children map out and cope with their childhood cancer experience. Each time they have a scan, infusion or any other procedure, they get a special bead to add to their string, commemorating their treatment journey and reminding them of their strength and resilience.
  • Take a Pop, Share a Smile: Children with cancer endure so much, but sometimes a sweet treat can make the hard days a bit more bearable. With our partner Jel Sert, we provide treatment centers with freezers and year’s supply of ice pops to bring a little sweetness to the lives of young cancer fighters.
  • Community Support: Our private online support network allows survivors, families, educators and healthcare professionals to connect, share stories, discuss questions and offer support in a safe, secure environment. Founding Hope programs provide support for kids with cancer locally, in their own communities.

To join our Hospital Network Program, fill out this simple form, and we’ll be in touch!

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