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Steven ‘the Cancer Crusher’ Cooks with Gordon Ramsay!

Four years ago, the ACCO staff reached out to Gordon Ramsay to extend heartfelt birthday wishes to Steven, fondly known as the ‘Cancer Crusher.’ Prompted by this email, Ramsay not only sent Steven a personal video, but also issued a playful challenge: a ‘chicken-parmesan’ cook-off. Steven eagerly anticipated the chance to meet and cook alongside his idol.

However, various hurdles, including the pandemic and scheduling conflicts, derailed their plans for four long years. Finally, this past weekend marks the long-awaited rendezvous between Steven and Gordon, an event ACCO wouldn’t miss for anything.

Contrary to the original plan of meeting in Las Vegas, the meeting took place at Foxwoods in Connecticut, accompanied by Steven’s mother and the ACCO staff. The itinerary included: a behind-the-scenes tour of the ‘back of house’ behind ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ an exclusive meet-and-greet with Gordon Ramsay, attend a ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ taping during dinner service, and, of course, the chicken parmesan cook-off.

During the pandemic, Steven launched “Chemo Bites,” a video series featuring his cooking lessons and recipes. This endeavor, which resembled a genuine television show, gained popularity and caught Gordon Ramsay’s attention. Through his cooking, Steven fostered community spirit, and the series remains available on the ACCO website.

In 2020, Steven was hailed as a Gold Ribbon Hero and shared his battle with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). His journey began with frequent bruising and nosebleeds, leading to an ALL diagnosis on his 10th birthday. “I felt my gut instinct was right,” recalled Wendy, Steven’s mother.

Despite facing near-death experiences during treatment, Steven emerged resilient. He now channels his energy into advocacy, hosting blood drives, fundraising, and sharing his story at various events. His mantra of perseverance and positivity continues to inspire others.

Watch below as Steven battles Chef Gordon Ramsay in an epic Chicken Parmesan Battle!


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