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Gold Ribbon Hero: Zoey

Meet Zoey, an 8-year-old ganglioneuroma survivor!

Zoey’s tumor was found quite by accident. Initially, she had gone to the doctor for a bad cough which led to an x-ray. Zoey was misdiagnosed with pneumonia and after two weeks, her doctor took another look. At that point, the tumor was found and Zoey spent 9 days in the hospital. Surgery took 8 hours to complete and doctors removed 80% of the tumor. The remaining 20% was left in her spine and too close for removal. 

“When Zoey was diagnosed, it was a complete shock as she was a healthy 3-year-old” remembers Susan, Zoey’s mom.

Zoey’s tumor is located in her spine and was too close for removal so the team tried two rounds of chemotherapy first. After the tumor didn’t respond, the team continued to keep an eye on it through scans every six months. During her treatment, she encountered many doctors who were quick to start one treatment rather than taking time to assess all avenues of treatment. Her parents decided to take her to specialty doctors instead. 

“She handled everything with a smile and took to learning about her cancer and treatment. She has become knowledgeable about what she’s going through and loves to play doctor with her medical play kit she received from ACCO.” 

ACCO spoke to Zoey’s mother, Susan in late April 2024 who provided us with this update: “Zoey’s treatment is going good. She had surgery and chemo back in 2020 and now we monitor it. 20% is left but it is in her spine so they are not touching that. We see a neurologist every 6 months and she has tests ran. So far, so good. Her tumor does press on her spinal cord and the free flowing fluid but you would not know it.  She is a happy, adventure-seeking 8-year-old how loves participating in gymnastics, trampoline and swimming.” 


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