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Gold Ribbon Hero Bree R

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: She is the most caring, loving, and compassionate woman and mother. She was selfless and strong and showed great perseverance during her two year old daughter Kylie’s one year long fight with stage four highrisk neuroblastoma.  She has shared it all with thousands of people across the globe reaching forty seven different places and so many more hearts. Thousands of People stating how her relationship with her daughter has brought them closer to God or their own family and made them better able to love openly, myself included.  I am changed for witnessing the unstoppable love at such a great aptitude that was visible alone through pictures and comments that I don’t even need to meet bree to know she is the mother I will strive to be for my children and the woman I will strive to be in this world.  Even though she has suffered great pain in losing her daughter she wants to carry on kylies legacy and make her voice heard and I believe that it is already obvious that she has come so far and that she has a knack for touching people and getting them to open their ears and their hearts. She has inspired me to do something with myself more everyday and to try to help in bigger ways. This would be the greatest thanks I could give until someday maybe I meet her in person. Prayers for Kylie Gods little warrior ❤️” – Nikki D.



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