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Gold Ribbon Hero Caidin Michael M

“Reason this person is a Gold Ribbon Hero: Caidin Michael was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma 4s at 2 weeks old. He is 6months now and has been fighting everyday for his little life. he is the strongest lil boy I know. He has had 6 rounds of chemo spent most of his 6months at Dells Childrens Hospital for treatment. He is getting ready for stemm cell transplant in San Antone June 6th. Our whole family is praying for my grandson, please pray with us for a cure for this horrible disease called cancer. Caidin is my lil hero.
The family is taking donations at moreno(mother) for travel expenses and help to pay bills as they cannot work right now, all there time is spent taking care of caidin and his lil sister trying to take one day at a time.
We pray for all the lil hero children and families that are dealing with this.
#findacureforcancer” – Francine P.

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