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Have you ordered your ICCD shirt yet?

You still have time!

International Childhood Cancer Day is just around the corner, and thousands of people here in the United States have already committed to helping the American Childhood Cancer Organization and childhood cancer parent- and advocacy- groups around the world raise awareness about this terrible childhood disease.  On February 15—just 11 days away—these committed individuals will proudly wear their ICCD awareness t-shirts honoring more than 4,000 children whose lives have been impacted forever by childhood cancer.

AccoshirtbestpropicyetThere’s still time to purchase your shirt!  Due to widespread power outages and Internet connectivity issues resulting from Winter Storm Jonas that swept across the United States in late January, dumping record levels of snow across the Plains and mid-Atlantic, the ACCO has extended the deadline for purchasing a t-shirt.  Although shirts ordered during this second purchase window will not be available in time for International Childhood Cancer Day, ordering and wearing this shirt still makes a critical statement about your commitment to supporting our brave childhood cancer warriors and their families.  If you are interested in purchasing an ICCD awareness t-shirt, please click on the link below:

This year’s ICCD t-shirts feature the names of more than 4,000 children who have faced childhood cancer, which remains the number one disease-related cause of death of children in the United States today.  Due to the amazing outpouring of support and record number of names we received for this campaign, we were not able to include all the names on one shirt.  So, to ensure that we could include every single one, we designed three different t-shirts!  The names on the shirts are listed alphabetically by last name, while children who are honored with only their first name are listed on the third shirt in alphabetical order by first name.  Thus, when ordering your shirt(s), please note that the names break down in the following way:

  • SHIRT 1: Aagard – Gray
  • SHIRT 2: Gray – Ontiveros
  • SHIRT 3: Ordaz – Zumberge, as well as children listed by first name only

Unfortunately, with ICCD day rapidly approaching, we won’t be able to keep the purchase window open for long, so we encourage you to join with the ACCO and thousands of supporters across the country and order your t-shirts now!

What is the ICCD T-Shirt Campaign and why is it so important?

This year’s ICCD t-shirt campaign has been an amazing success thus far, with more than 2,200 individuals purchasing more than 4,600 t-shirts!  And with more orders flowing in every day, we want to be sure that everyone who wants one has the chance to get one!  Why are we so excited about the success of this campaign?  Because it means that

  • Word is getting out about the threat that childhood cancer continues to pose to children here and across the world;
  • More and more people are becoming aware of just how many children, just how many families, are changed forever by this disease; and
  • The chorus of voices demanding better treatments for childhood cancer and better access to those treatments is growing daily.

With every purchase of an ICCD t-shirt, you are helping the ACCO advocate on behalf of children facing this disease today, on behalf of those who will face it tomorrow, and on behalf of those whose lives have already been cut short or those who continue to suffer long-term health problems due to today’s outdated childhood cancer treatments.  This is the goal of International Childhood Cancer Day: to shine a spotlight on the continuing need for research into new and better treatment options for childhood cancer, which in high- and middle-income countries remains dependent on highly toxic drugs developed decades ago to fight adult cancers; and to direct that spotlight into low-income countries, where children continue to die from cancers now considered “treatable” in the United States due to lack of access to adequate health care, and often even a proper diagnosis.

The ACCO and International Childhood Cancer Day

The ACCO invites you to join us on February 15, International Childhood Cancer Day, to help us shine a global spotlight on childhood cancer.  The ACCO is the only US representative in Childhood Cancer International (CCI), an international group of 177 childhood cancer organizations across 90 countries and 5 continents, and as such, plays a critical role in bringing international awareness to childhood cancer

The ACCO is a non-profit charity dedicated to helping kids with cancer and their families navigate the difficult journey from cancer diagnosis through survivorship and bereavement.  At the national level, the ACCO promotes the critical importance of ensuring continued funding into new and better treatment protocols for childhood cancer.  At the grassroots level, the ACCO is focused on the children: developing and providing educational tools for families and learning resources for children in order to make the lives of children and their families a bit easier and perhaps even brighter during this difficult time.  Many of our resources are available free of charge for families coping with childhood cancer.

For additional information on our programming and resources or for information on how to obtain our resources free of charge, please visit our website at

For more information about the American Childhood Cancer Organization and how we can help, call 855.858.2226 or visit:


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