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Child4Child Deadline Approaching

Only a Few More Days Left to Add Your Voice to the Chorus: Make Your Recording by February 8!

International Childhood Cancer Day is only a few short days away, and that means the highly-anticipated release of the Child4Child song “We Are One” is also only days away.  That’s right: on International Childhood Cancer Day—February 15—Child4Child will release this amazing new song, composed by Christophe Beck and sung by children around the world, to show children fighting childhood cancer and their families that they are not alone.  Nearly a million children and teens from across the globe have already raised their voices in song to support the many thousands of children bravely battling childhood cancer.

There is still time to add your voice to the growing chorus, to be a part of this amazing international event, but you must make a video of your child singing by Monday, February 8.

That’s only three days away!

record the chorus button

If you are interested in adding your child’s voice to this amazing chorus, here’s what to do:

  1. Go to;
  2. Listen to the chorus already recorded by some incredible child singers to learn the words;
  3. Click the yellow “Record the Chorus” button to record your child’s version of the chorus!

All voices posted to the Child4Child website before Monday, February 8 will be compiled by Mr. Beck and his talented musical team into one amazing soundtrack, and then combined with the verses of the song, which have not yet been released but have already been recorded by very special musical talents such as Livvy Stubenrauch, the voice of Anna in Disney’s Frozen, and other incredible voices from America’s Got Talent, The Voice Kids Australia, and Britain’s Got Talent.  When Child4Child launched this amazing initiative on January 11, we believed “We Are One” would be the greatest super-song in the history of childhood cancer, and now, three weeks later, we believe even more strongly than this recording is going to change the face…and the voice…of childhood cancer forever!

The words to the chorus are powerful, moving, and simple:

We are young

We are strong

And we will sing this song together

So sing along.


And as one

We will rise

We won’t give up the fight

Until the night, yields to the sun.

We are one.


Is Anyone We Know Participating in Child4Child?

You bet!  Ever heard of Cameron Dallas, Teen’s Choice Favorite Viner at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards?  What about Aaralyn O’Neill from America’s Got Talent?  You may have heard of Olivia Swinton from The Voice Kids or Fresh Ré, the up-and-coming band from County Kildare in Ireland…these amazing stars have all added their voices to “We Are One”, along with nearly a million children and teens from around the world.  Every day, indeed every hour, more beautiful voices are being added to the growing chorus.  If you would like to see—and hear—these awesome contributions, and get inspired to create your own contribution, we encourage you to visit the Child4Child website at:

What Is Child4Child?

Child4Child is the initiative of Garbergs Advertising Agency, the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation, and Childhood Cancer International (CCI), the largest patient-support organization for childhood cancer in the world. The American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) is the sole US-based member of CCI, maintaining a Board of Directors the majority of which are parents of children who have faced childhood cancer or who are childhood cancer survivors themselves.  The goal of Child4Child is simple: to bring together as many voices as it can, working ‘in harmony’ together, to remind the world about the terrible toll childhood cancer takes on cancer’s youngest victims, to shine a spotlight on the desperate need for new and better treatment options for children fighting cancer, and to demand equal access to vital treatment, medications, and even basic healthcare for children in low-income countries.

Together, CCI and ACCO seek to represent the needs of children and adolescents with cancer, childhood cancer survivors, and their families. Working in partnership with international development organizations, policy makers, civil society organizations, health, research and medical professionals, CCI and the ACCO both strive to advocate for recognizing children’s rights and prioritizing childhood cancer as an integral part of the local, national, and global child health and development agenda. Child4Child is just one element of our on-going campaign to make the voices calling for an end to childhood cancer louder than ever before. We appreciate your help, support, and participation in this incredible international event!

To participate in Child4Child, or to learn more about this special international event, visit

To learn more about the ACCO and our mission, visit

To learn more about CCI and its role in the international fight against childhood cancer, visit

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