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Golden Ribbon Hero – Braeden

Brae 1Meet Braeden or “Brae” as his mom lovingly calls him. He’s a three year old,  fun-loving “ladies man” who is wise beyond his years. Brae’s mom, Kendra noticed in January of 2018 that he was whining a lot. She took him to get checked out several times and after being told he had pneumonia, the flu and even being tested for having swallowed a toy, doctors decided to do a biopsy on his back. Doctors took a sample of the mass they found in his lungs and the diagnosis was clear. “On May 5, 2018, Brae was diagnosed with AML leukemia with a genetic mutation of monosomy 7. We just found out about the monosomy 7. Basically that means that Brae has 45 chromosomes instead of 46 like everyone else.”

Kendra was faced with a tough decision when it came to Brae’s treatment plan; get a bone marrow transplant and face three rounds of chemo with a 30% chance of relapse, or five rounds of chemo with a 60% chance of relapse. Kendra ultimately decided against the transplant and is happy to report that after Brae’s first round of chemo, his bulky tumor is gone. Doctors have continued to treat Brae with four more chemo rounds.

Brae 2Fortunately, Braeden is facing treatment like a little soldier; the only side effect he has experienced was hair loss, which he doesn’t seem to mind. Kendra notes that everytime he goes into the hospital, the nurses fight to work with him and that he charms them. She said when Brae is at home, he loves to watch tv with his big brother and play outside. He’s particularly interested in art and loves to paint. When he goes to the hospital you can usually find him in the art room playing with the popsicle sticks and paint.

He mom happily informed us that he is currently ‘doing great’ after his fourth round of chemo. Through it all, Braeden is a positive and happy three year old.

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